Towering turbine in Ontario

Towering_turbine_thumb This photo shows a wind turbine at the AIM/IPC/SUEZ development known as the East Lake St. Clair Wind Farm. The 99 megawatt wind farm is located in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent on the eastern shoreline of Lake St. Clair in Ontario, Canada. The project will consist of 55 Vestas V-90 1.8 MW turbines. It is estimated that the turbine in the image is about 1/2 mile from the home shown in the forefront.
18 Nov 2012

California wind turbines

Montezumahills-wind_thumb The Shiloh Wind Power Plant located in the Montezuma Hills of Solano County, California, USA, very near Bird's Landing. The site, located 40 miles northeast of San Francisco, has a nameplate capacity of 505 megawatts (MW). It was constructed in 4 stages (Shiloh I, II, III and IV) between 2005 and 2012.
13 Oct 2012

1139-feet setback in Mason County Michigan

Cary-mason_countymi_thumb The Lake Winds Energy Park erected and owned by Consumers Energy Company consists of 56 Vestas V-100 turbines (100 megawatts) each standing 476'. This image shows one turbine sited 1139' from a residence. The project is scheduled to go online before the end of 2012. The house shown in the picture has 13 turbines within a mile of the property and 22 within a mile and one half.
23 Sep 2012

Forest Commission Scotland: a country divided and given away

Scotlandfcs-allocations_thumb Forest Commission Scotland, which is missioned with managing national forest land in Scotland, divided the public lands it manages into 5 'lots' to be prospected by specific wind energy developers. For example, ScottishPower Renewables was awarded Lot 1 and the right to develop schemes of less than 5MW in Lots 1-5. The remaining 4 lots are allocated to four other developers all of whom are currently working through an exclusivity period to identify suitable sites for wind development.
1 Jul 2012

Spring Valley wind facility

Springvalleywind_thumb The Spring Valley Wind project towers over nearby vehicles. The project, located 30 miles east of Ely, Nevada, includes 66 Siemens 2.3 MW machines. The Spring Valley project went online August 8, 2012 and is the first in the State of Nevada.
22 Jun 2012
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