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Wind farms could affect house prices

The revelation came following the Valuation Office Agency's down-grading of council tax bands for several homes after they dived in value following the arrival of turbines nearby. Although just five cases have been officially revealed, these suggest that a wind farm decreases house prices by 20 per cent or makes them difficult or even impossible to sell.
28 Jul 2012

Wind farms DO hit house prices: Government agency finally admits that thousands can be wiped off value of homes

The Valuation Office Agency has been forced to re-band homes into lower council tax categories, confirming what most residents who live near the giant turbines already know: they are detrimental to property prices. The move will make it harder for the wind farm industry to dismiss public concerns over the impact of their turbines.
23 Jul 2012

Property value losses near wind turbines greater than previously thought, appraisers say

The current study, released in July of 2011 by the Economic Financial Studies School of Business at Clarkson University, cites losses of up to 40 percent on properties located within 0.10 miles of new wind turbine facilities. This has prompted him to revise his loss figure upward to a maximum of 40 percent and expected adverse impacts out to three miles, with effects becoming less extreme with distance.
30 Mar 2012

Wind turbines blow down resale value of homes: Pedlar

In one case in Simcoe, a real estate agent was trying to sell a 25 acre vacant hobby farm with a wind turbine behind it. He listed the lakeview property for about $149,000, expecting to sell it for about $135,000. Six months later he finally got an offer of $65,000. All seven potential buyers asked about the wind turbine.
1 Mar 2012

Study hints at cost of wind development

"Nearby homeowners, however, do not generally receive any direct compensation, and it is possible that PILOT payments are not completely making up for losses dealt to this group," he continued. "So, it may be necessary to develop other schemes which would compensate these affected parties."
3 Aug 2011

Wind power's effects gauged

"After completing my review of the subject location, it is clear that numerous homes in the Cape Vincent area will be adversely impacted, and the best available evidence indicates that value loss of 25 to 40 percent or more will occur to homes within approximately two miles of the turbines."
27 Jun 2011

Wind project foes cite impact on property values

"Industrial-style wind turbines change the essential character of the area," McCann told a packed room, which included residents of Bourne and Falmouth who are also dealing with wind turbine projects. He estimated $70 million to $112 million in market value could be lost in the town, based on the number of homes that could be affected.
24 Mar 2011

Will turbines affect real estate values?

Given the abundance of recent letters to the editor regarding the wind turbine industry's plans for our part of Ontario, I would like to concentrate on an important aspect of the wind industry's campaign of disinformation that has so far received little attention: the basis for their insistence that real estate values near wind turbine sites are unaffected by their presence.
7 Feb 2011

The case against industrial wind turbines

What we discovered was absolutely shocking to all of us. In spite of several years of mounting evidence pointing to serious problems with industrial wind energy installations in terms of health, property values, water quality, wildlife, and agricultural land degradation, the Government of Ontario continues to pursue, at breakneck speed, the approval and development of these projects.
4 Feb 2011
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