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Senate moves to block Clean Power Plan study

The Kansas Senate advanced a bill that blocks the Kansas Corporation Commission from spending any money to study how to comply with the new federal Clean Power Plan until the U.S. Supreme Court resolves a pending legal challenge. Sen. Rob Olson, R-Olathe, added that amendment onto a bill that calls for disbanding the Kansas Electric Transmission Authority, an agency that was established to coordinate construction of new transmission lines to move wind energy to urban markets.
11 Feb 2016

Massachusetts plan could spur hydro imports to New England

"Subsidizing an overdependence on one foreign government-owned source of electricity will lead to lost jobs and soaring energy bills for decades to come," said Dan Dolan, the group's president....Hydro-Quebec would use increased U.S. exports to subsidize lower prices for its provincial customers, in turn costing New England ratepayers an estimated $20 billion over 25 years.
7 Feb 2016

Arizona regulators OK SunZia power lines

Chairman Little called running two high voltage power lines through the San Pedro Valley a mistake of the first order. “I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of this decision and believe there were better alternative routes with significantly less environmental impacts that unfortunately were not approved” when the project went through its federal environmental review, Little said. “I am truly saddened that one of the crown jewels of Arizona’s unspoiled wilderness will be irreparably harmed by this decision.”
4 Feb 2016

Wind power critics upset by scale of newly proposed Maine projects

Energy officials and industry representatives in Maine were tamping down impressions that all or even most of these projects would be built. “I’ve been trying to get the public prepared for this and not think that all of these projects will be developed,” said Patrick Woodcock, Gov. Paul LePage’s energy director. “In fact, under the request-for-proposals, it’s not even possible for all of them to be chosen.”
2 Feb 2016

Power line regulations kink wind power growth

“In some of the rural communities, we see this as an invasion,” Gatrel says. “Many of our members are military veterans, and we are planning this out like a war.” We’re not talking about an armed standoff here, but Gatrel helped organize a statewide campaign to stop the Missouri Public Service Commission from giving Clean Line powers of eminent domain to compel land owners to go along.
20 Jan 2016

Energy providers deliver pitch to Hannibal BPW

No offers were made when representatives of Clean Line Energy Partners met with the Hannibal Board of Public Works Board on Tuesday afternoon. And while no decisions had to be made by the BPW Board, it was certainly given plenty to digest by both Clean Line and its opponents.
20 Jan 2016

Vermont approves 1,000MW transmission line to import more power from Quebec

The planned New England Clean Power Link is a 154-mile underwater and underground transmission line that will travel from the Canadian border to the southern portion of the state. The line will run 97 miles beneath Lake Champlain before emerging near Benson, Vt., where it will be buried along roads for 57 miles to reach its destination—a converter station in Ludlow, Vt.
12 Jan 2016

Why Clean Line developers want changes to Iowa’s approval process

​As work on a wind-energy transmission line moves forward in other states, developers say the regulatory process in Iowa is holding back the project. The hotly debated Rock Island Clean Line, designed to ferry new wind energy from northwest Iowa to points east, is a fundamentally different type of transmission project[and] requires a fundamentally different sort of regulatory process.
6 Jan 2016

Touted as clean power source of the future, renewable energy stymied by transmission obstacles

Although Clean Line pledged to make a portion of its power available to Missouri, state regulators determined it was not needed to meet local demand nor the state's renewable energy requirements. Regulators also cited the burden on Missouri landowners, noting that most of the 7,200 comments it received were opposed to the project. ..."I think (wind energy) is fine. But "it doesn't make sense to me to have to transport it halfway across the United States. We're smarter than that."
22 Dec 2015

Protect landowners from the Rock Island Clean Line

In order to ensure your project moves forward — even without state approval — you have broadened your approach to include a federal legislative effort. Senate Energy Bill 1017 would grant eminent domain authority despite our state laws. Please understand the depth of staunch and unbending opposition we have to this concept. We are lobbying our Congressional and Senate delegation to prevent you from ever having that tool.
18 Dec 2015
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