Comments by the Academic Editors Regarding: “Evaluation of Quality of Life of Those Living near a Wind Farm“: 8 Mar 2017
Ohio ABC brief supporting disclosure of bird-bat mortality: Blue Creek Wind facility 7 Mar 2017
Fatalities at wind turbines may threaten population viability of a migratory bat 23 Feb 2017
Europe Vestas wind turbine collapse in Lemnhult, Sweden 22 Feb 2017
Pennsylvania Penn Forest Township prevails against Atlantic Wind (Iberdrola) 17 Feb 2017
Indiana Denial of Flat Rock Wind upheld by Appeals Court: Decision 14 Feb 2017
California Iberdrola - Tule Wind construction suspension order 13 Feb 2017
Mexico California USA Court order: DOE failed to consider environmental impacts on Mexico 30 Jan 2017
Maryland Dan's Mountain Wind Force Certificate: DENIED 25 Jan 2017
Maryland Apex Mills Branch Solar Denied Permit: DECISION 11 Jan 2017
USA Texas Wind Energy’s Dirty Word: Decommissioning 1 Jan 2017
Europe Variations of sound from wind turbines during different weather conditions 24 Dec 2016
USA Effects of wind energy generation and white-nose syndrome on the viability of the Indiana bat 22 Dec 2016
Ontario Response to McCunney et al.: Wind turbines and health: An examination of a proposed case definition 16 Dec 2016
Europe Patterns of migrating soaring migrants indicate attraction to marine wind farms 29 Nov 2016
North Carolina Order denying permit for APEX Timbermill Wind proposal 22 Nov 2016
Africa Powering the Plunder: What Morocco and Siemens are hiding at COP22, Marrakech 11 Nov 2016
UK Ecological impact assessments fail to reduce risk of bat casualties at wind farms 7 Nov 2016
Rhode Island Invenergy: Property Value Guarantee 3 Nov 2016
New York NY Health Department comments: Eight Point Wind Energy proposal 31 Oct 2016
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