North Carolina Order denying permit for APEX Timbermill Wind proposal 22 Nov 2016
Africa Powering the Plunder: What Morocco and Siemens are hiding at COP22, Marrakech 11 Nov 2016
UK Ecological impact assessments fail to reduce risk of bat casualties at wind farms 7 Nov 2016
Rhode Island Invenergy: Property Value Guarantee 3 Nov 2016
New York NY Health Department comments: Eight Point Wind Energy proposal 31 Oct 2016
Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health: A Four-Decade History of Evidence that Wind Turbines Pose Risks 4 Oct 2016
USA Golden Eagle fatalities and the continental-scale consequences of local wind-energy generation 27 Sep 2016
UK Lack of sound science in assessing wind farm impacts on seabirds 16 Sep 2016
Indiana Open letter regarding wind energy in Henry County Indiana 30 Aug 2016
Asia China's wind electricity and cost of carbon mitigation are more expensive than anticipated 18 Aug 2016
Indoor simulation of amplitude modulated wind turbine noise 1 Aug 2016
USA Recent Court Decisions Raise Important Considerations for Renewable Energy Projects 25 Jul 2016
USA Massachusetts On the predominance of unstable atmospheric conditions in the marine boundary layer offshore of the U.S. northeastern coast 18 Jul 2016
USA Evaluating the costs and benefits of renewable energy portfolio standards 25 Jun 2016
USA ABC comments on 30 year Eagle Take Permits 23 Jun 2016
Maine Buckfield Maine wind ordinance 17 Jun 2016
Canada Ontario Open Letter - Industry compliance with Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA) and wind turbine investigation 15 Jun 2016
Indiana Court rules in favor of county setback regulations 1 Jun 2016
USA Oregon Steens Mountain wind project rejected: Onda v. Jewell 27 May 2016
Minnesota Flat Hill Windpark cancels 201 MW wind project 18 May 2016
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