Maine Buckfield Maine wind ordinance 17 Jun 2016
Canada Ontario Open Letter - Industry compliance with Radiation Emitting Devices Act (REDA) and wind turbine investigation 15 Jun 2016
Indiana Court rules in favor of county setback regulations 1 Jun 2016
USA Oregon Steens Mountain wind project rejected: Onda v. Jewell 27 May 2016
Minnesota Flat Hill Windpark cancels 201 MW wind project 18 May 2016
UK Wind turbines cause chronic stress in Badgers (Meles Meles) in Great Britain 17 May 2016
Oklahoma Tennessee Wind Energy Tax Credits 3 May 2016
Vermont Vermont Supreme Court order: Rutland Solar project 29 Apr 2016
New York NYISO comments on NY plan to implement Large-Scale Renewable Program and Clean Energy Standard (Case 15-E-0302) 22 Apr 2016
Massachusetts Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals Ruling 15 Apr 2016
Minnesota Minnesota Public Utilities Commission examines turbine noise complaint 10 Apr 2016
North Carolina The Amenity Costs of Offshore Wind Farms: Evidence From a Choice Experiment 4 Apr 2016
USA Washington Petition for Judicial Review of BPA Interconnection Approval: Whistling Ridge Energy Project 3 Apr 2016
Massachusetts Cape Wind Request for permit extension denied: Decision 29 Mar 2016
USA US Wind production and capacity factors 2011-2015 21 Mar 2016
Indiana Request for declaratory judgment: Whitewater Wind LLC 15 Mar 2016
Amplitude modulation of wind turbine noise 13 Mar 2016
Europe Position of Poland's National Institute of Public Health on wind farms 8 Mar 2016
Massachusetts Falmouth Wind Turbine: Deemed ineligible for permit 5 Mar 2016
Indiana Apex Clean Energy: Tort claim against Rush County, IN 4 Mar 2016
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