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Blow to wind turbines after Leamington trial

But environmentalists insisted a "shocking lack of research" had been carried out as to their actual effectiveness in built up urban areas. It prompted Leamington-based company Encraft to launch the Warwick Wind Trials in 2006, in which a total of 23 home owners who had paid for a turbine had their energy producing levels monitored.
29 Jul 2011

Iowa wind energy storage project scrapped

Iowa Stored Energy Park Agency director Bob Schulte said that geology tests found the storage reservoir wasn't suitable for the scale of project officials envisioned. Essentially, the quality of the storage rock, which would have been sandstone, wasn't as good as officials were looking for.
29 Jul 2011

Vestas unveils radar-friendly stealth blades

Around 20GW of planned wind farms globally face objections from air traffic controllers because turbines interfere with radars near military bases or airports. Turbines can reflect radar waves, appearing on radar screens as 'clutter' in an unpredictable and confusing way.
30 Jun 2011

Activist says wind power not fiscally sound

Others may be concerned about health issues but he said his major concern deals with the financial impact of these energy producers, especially considering taxpayers will have to pay back the funds borrowed from China for Obama’s stimulus plan.
25 Nov 2010

Opportunity has power industry scrambling

Plugged into a socket, an electric car can draw as much power as a small house. The surge in demand could knock out power to a home, or even a neighborhood. That has utilities in parts of California, Texas and North Carolina scrambling to upgrade transformers and other equipment in neighborhoods where the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt are expected to be in high demand.
22 Nov 2010

University of Maine adviser: Small wind turbines not economically viable solution

Calculations by LaBrecque and his team of students found a typical $16,500 windmill only produces between 200 and 500 kilowatt hours of electricity per year - not enough to keep a 100-watt light bulb running for a year. This amounts to a $30 to $80 cost savings per year - meaning the windmill, if saving $80 a year, would pay for itself only after 206 years.
7 Oct 2010

Board votes against Dennis turbine

The 3-1 vote reversed last month's decision by a Dennis committee of the historic district to allow the 164-foot-tall wind turbine at a shellfish hatchery operated by the Aquaculture Research Corp. in Dennis. ..."It's in a sensitive wetland area."
29 Sep 2010

The challenge of storing energy on a large scale

"Well-meaning voters and legislators come up with things like 33 percent renewables in California by 2020," said Maurice Gunderson, senior partner at the venture capital firm CMEA Capital in San Francisco. "Well, it sounds like a good idea, but you really have to be a utility geek to get into the details and realize that it simply cannot be done without storage." Mike Gravely, an energy research manager at the California Energy Commission, agreed.
29 Sep 2010

Uncle Sam, Venture Capitalist

President Obama kicked off a five-state campaign swing yesterday with a stop at a "clean energy" plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. As it happens, Mr. Obama couldn't have chosen a better company to demonstrate the risks that taxpayers are taking with their billions in green stimulus investment.
17 Aug 2010

Cape council calls wind meeting

The meeting was called by Cape Vincent Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey to discuss, among other things, the "suspension of all actions pertaining to wind development" and a probe by the state attorney general's office into the actions of certain town officials in connection with wind farm development.
17 Aug 2010

Wind Drives Growing Use of Batteries

As the wind installations multiply, companies have found themselves dumping energy late at night, adjusting the blades so they do not catch the wind, because there is no demand for the power. And grid operators, accustomed to meeting demand by adjusting supplies, are now struggling to maintain stability as supplies fluctuate.
28 Jul 2010

New competition coming for big, expensive wind farms

Little noticed recently was a joint venture announcement by two U.S. industry giants: Babcock and Wilcox (B&W), which produces technology for nuclear-powered naval vessels, and Bechtel, one of the world's largest engineering firms. They intend to complete development of a small modular 125 MW nuclear reactor that could run for four to five years without refueling, like naval power plants.
23 Jul 2010
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