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Windmill in Denmark explodes

A windmill in Denmark collapsed during a storm in Denmark on Feb 22, 2008. The braking system failed while two technicians worked in the turret at the top. The technicians were able to get out before the collapse. Pieces of the shattered turbine were sent more than 500 meters away. Additional footage can be viewed by clicking here.   Duration: 40 seconds
22 Feb 2008

Wind farm developers stealing your land

The Jo Daviess County Board permitted a wind farm developer to place turbines such that safety setbacks overlapped an adjacent homeowner's residence. The safety setbacks were established to provide protection in the event of blade and ice throws, tower collapse, noise etc. The homeowner who made the video states, "I can no longer safely occupy my own property within the setbacks!" The only recourse for homeowners is to seek legal action.
9 Jan 2008
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