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Wind Rush

A growing anti-wind movement says giant turbines have gone up without sufficient research into health impacts. In the rush to embrace wind power, have the people who live among the wind farms been forgotten?
8 Feb 2013

Take the Turbines Down

Nearly one hundred Falmouth residents attended a Board of Selectmen meeting last night to peacefully protest and speak out against the ongoing operation of three identical industrial wind turbines in the Falmouth Industrial Park. Duration: 33 seconds
26 Jan 2013

Europe's Ill Wind

This film is about the people who live near existing and planned wind farm developments, and their objections to them. These views have been dismissed as selfish NIMBYism by government, climate change activists and energy companies, but have critics of wind energy really been answered? Sponsored by the Europe for Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament.  For more information see: Duration: 24 minutes 31 seconds
26 Jan 2013

SpeakOut Ontario - Mark

Mark bought a house in a rural setting for the quiet atmosphere. Since industrial wind turbines (IWT) were built near his home in February 2012, he has developed, witnessed, and encountered the negative impacts IWTs have on nearby residents. Leaving his home would result in serious economic loss, but staying has already negatively affected his health and income. Duration: 11 minutes 57 seconds Thank you for watching Mark's story. Contact if you have been affected by IWTs near your home and would like to share your story. Twitter: @sufferingwind
25 Jan 2013

SpeakOut Ontario - Ted Whitworth

Ted Whitworth and his family have lived in Amaranth since the 1980s, but since a transformer station went up near their home (and a second one which made things even worse), their lives have been completely disrupted. Ted was forced to retire early, as he could no longer make the long drives required; his youngest daughter left home early because of headaches and other symptoms; their livestock count has diminished because of a sudden drop in conception and birthrates. Duration: 18 minutes 1 second
22 Dec 2012

The realities of living in an industrial wind energy plant

Dave & Stephanie Hulthen, a young couple in their mid 30′s, and their four young children, live within the NextERA wind energy facility erected in DeKalb County IL. The Hulthen's tell the story of living in a wind project. They were invited to speak by the Whitley County Concerned Citizens of Whitley County, Indiana. Duration:  1 hour 20 minutes 
2 Sep 2012

Vermont's Energy Options

This updated short feature from a larger documentary entitled Vermont's Energy Options examines several of the paths towards a renewable energy future for the state of Vermont. In this feature, utility-scale renewable energy is compared to community-oriented, small-scale renewable energy solutions. This feature, and the future full-length documentary, is produced by non-profit Energize Vermont. Energize Vermont advocates for renewable energy solutions that are in harmony with the irreplaceable character of Vermont and contribute to the people's well-being. Learn more at Duration 23 minutes 13 seconds
29 Aug 2012

Falmouth residents say wind turbines are “torture”

FALMOUTH - Dozens of neighbors packed an emergency town Board of Health meeting, to hear the health concerns of people who live near two town-owned turbines, plus a third one that's privately run. "The pulsing sound will wake me up all night," said one man. Last week, state environmental officials ordered one of the turbines be shut down because it exceeded noise regulations. Now, Falmouth's Board of Health could hand down an emergency order for the other town-owned turbine to stop as well. Duration: 2 minutes 16 seconds
25 May 2012

FRAWT Feldon Folly

An impassioned plea from the residents of the Feldon Vale to stop the spread of industrial wind farms throughout South Warwickshire's rural landscape. Featuring the landscape photography of Warwickshire photographer Graham Bullock and CGI simulations of the proposed Starbold Wind Farm, next to the Burton Dassett Country Park.  Duration: 6 minutes 5 seconds
30 Apr 2012

Vermont's Energy Options

Vermont's Energy Options is a documentary work-in-progress being produced by non-profit Energize Vermont. The purpose of the documentary is to examine the different paths Vermont has to a renewable energy future and create a dialogue around their respective impacts and benefits. Duration: 19 minutes 27 seconds
1 Jan 2012

Shirley Wind Project, the impacts

This must-view video tells an important story of how turbines in Wisconsin are harming people and forcing them from their homes. At least eight families in Shirley, WI, in the Town of Glenmore just south of Green Bay, are reporting health problems and quality of life issues since the Shirley Wind project went online in December of 2010. Six families have come forward, five of them testify on the video, and at this time two of them have vacated their homes. STAND UP to protect people, livestock, pets, and wildlife against negligent and irresponsible placement of industrial wind turbines. The Shirley facility consists 8 Nordex 2.5 MW wind turbines (20 megawatts) located in Glenmore, Wisconsin. Duke Energy acquired the project from Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation. Duration: 23 minutes 59 seconds
22 Dec 2011
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