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Garrett wind projects to soon generate power

Two Garrett County wind power projects, the first such in Maryland, are expected to begin commercial operation in a matter of weeks, even as opponents consider taking legal action against the facilties. A 20-turbine wind farm atop Backbone Mountain at Roth Rock is set to become operational by the end of December.
17 Nov 2010

Federal Senate wind farm inquiry

Goulburn Mulwaree Councillor, Geoff Peterson, is urging individuals, community groups and organisations to make submissions to a Federal Senate inquiry into the social and economic impact of wind farm installations. ..."It is simply not good enough for large energy corporations to climb into bed with Governments and plonk these monstrosities all over the countryside without meaningful dialogue with local residents."
17 Nov 2010

Our view: Leaders must know when to back off

Wayne Casler's resignation as supervisor of the Herkimer County town of Litchfield should serve as a lesson for the larger community when it comes to public officials and conflicts of interest. But even more important, it once again demonstrates why adding another layer of government approval for wind turbine projects would be in the best interest of small communities.
16 Nov 2010

Michigan wind council proposes offshore wind farm rules

The initial legislative language was introduced last week by Rep. Dan Scripps, D-Leland, to set up the process in which Michigan would entertain, investigate, manage and decommission wind turbines in the state's Great Lake waters. ...The Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council final report can be found at .
16 Nov 2010

Sceptics issue challenge to 'green' claims of wind-farm developers

The Scottish Government has no way of verifying claims by wind-farm developers on the carbon footprint of their turbines, a leading wildlife charity has revealed. Now the John Muir Trust claims no large wind farms should be approved by planners until developers' environmental claims can be independently confirmed by government scientists.
16 Nov 2010

Wind project divides Bourne residents

With two public meetings under their belts, the backers of the New Generation Wind project spent Monday night's Cape Cod Commission subcommittee hearing addressing concerns including health issues and the financial impacts of their seven proposed turbines.
16 Nov 2010

Wind protesters really prophets who warn of dire peril ahead

The three dozen protesters who stood out in the biting rain and who were arrested will in time be vindicated in the eyes of the editors and others in the aftermath and awakening of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the public and the environment. This is, was and will always be about the money.
15 Nov 2010

Wind farm protestors hit back at allegations

A report commissioned by RenewableUK, the trade association for the wind energy industry, said that campaigners against turbines were costing the country £1.3bn. ...But the view has been condemned by Stop Woodlane Windfarm protestors. They claim there is no benefit to local communities but plenty of negative effects.
15 Nov 2010

Wind farm foes meet

During his speech, Tramposch echoed residents' sentiments that the state government is moving too fast in its efforts to build wind turbines. "The state is so determined to site wind that many siting policies have been fast-tracked," Tramposch said. "Some policies have been completely ignored."
15 Nov 2010

Environmental groups rebuff anti-wind lawyer

Environmentalists are divided over the impacts of large-scale wind projects on Vermont mountains. The split surfaced recently when mainstream environmental groups criticized an advertisement from a lawyer who has fought wind developments. VPR's John Dillon has more.
15 Nov 2010

Planning Board votes against Scobee Circle turbine

"There is no way to mitigate this tower from impacting abutting neighborhoods," Planning Board Chairman Marc Garrett said. "I'm not in favor of this project as it stands right now." The Planning Board voted, 3-1, against recommending the Zoning Board of Appeals grant the applicant, Sheava LLC, a special permit to erect the structure.
14 Nov 2010
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