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Wind farm's size doubled

Deepwater Wind has applied to federal authorities to build the largest proposed offshore-wind farm in the United States, a 200-turbine project in Rhode Island Sound. The 1,000-megawatt project, called the Deepwater Wind Energy Center, replaces a 350-megawatt, 100-turbine proposal that was put forward by the Providence-based company two years ago.
8 Dec 2010

Legal block puts the wind up wind farm protesters

Planned legal action against a wind farm approved in the final days of the Brumby government has been abandoned. The action was dropped after it emerged that former Victorian planning minister Justin Madden had blocked any future appeals. ..."Instead of a good planning process, that was a government in panic chasing green votes," Mr Toohey said.
8 Dec 2010

Wind farm project has yet to be approved

Archer County residents have been waiting years to find out whether or not the county will follow through with a proposed wind farm. Tuesday, Archer County Commissioners met to vote on it, but instead they tabled the item to be discussed next Monday. Currently they are in talks with BP Energy about the tax abatement.
8 Dec 2010

Iberdrola threatens to leave

If Hammond adopts a wind law that requires Iberdrola Renewables Inc. to compensate property owners who see drops in their land values, the company says it will scrap plans to build a proposed wind farm. "They've basically said if we pass this agreement, that they will pick up their tinker toys and leave the sandbox."
8 Dec 2010

Corruption on Cape Vincent boards

The Cape Vincent Planning Board and Town Council have majorities with contracts with either British Petroleum or Acciona altogether worth around $200,000 per year for 20 years. These contracts include loyalty oaths swearing "to help in all permitting processes."
8 Dec 2010

The province sold out on wind energy plan

One term repeatedly used by people living with wind towers was disaster, referring to the loss and damage to their lives and farms, their community and the environment. We heard plenty ...but not a word of support for wind power, the wind companies or the politicians who are enabling this disaster.
8 Dec 2010

Cape Vincent community wind project low on fuel

The vitriolic dissension over a pair of proposed industrial wind farm projects has made the going tough for a group of residents looking to gain support for a community wind project. ...Participants in the industrial projects are focused on supporting them, while opponents of the industrial projects increasingly don't want any wind power in the town at all.
7 Dec 2010

Prattsburgh, Italy mull wind farms

Ecogen also sued Italy, after the town denied the developer the permits to proceed with the turbines. In the process, Italy piled up significant legal debts, prompting their attorneys to step down from the case. Supreme Court Justice John Ark to recommend last September the parties work out a solution before he publicly announces his decision.
6 Dec 2010

Wind turbines to be upgraded in Altamont Pass

Thousands of decades-old wind turbines in Altamont Pass will be replaced with new ones that produce more power and kill fewer migratory birds . ...Under terms of the settlement, 2,400 turbines on the hills of the Altamont Pass operated by NextEra will be replaced in the next four years or shut down completely by Nov. 1, 2015.
6 Dec 2010

Costs deflate windy issue

In January 2009, it decided to "call in" the process and run an inquiry itself instead of allowing the city council to hear the case, with Environment Minister Nick Smith arguing the issue was of national importance. "We were told this process would streamline things, yet we're still waiting for an outcome from the board," Mr Naylor said.
6 Dec 2010

Turbine plan draws few foes

While wind turbine proposals often meet with stiff opposition from abutters in their targeted host communities, a 410-foot turbine planned for Cohasset's Turkey Hill appears to have drawn little criticism, and proponents predict blades should be whirring in the production of green energy by this time next year.
5 Dec 2010

University of Delaware plans test field for wind turbines

The University of Delaware is moving forward with plans to develop a field to test wind turbines in shallow water off the Delaware coast. ...State environmental officials said they haven't heard back from university representatives on the proposal since they met in February. State permits would likely be required before any project could proceed.
5 Dec 2010

New generation of giant wind turbines planned for Britain

A new generation of giant wind turbines which will soar up to 500 feet above the ground are being planned across Britain. ...Campaigners fear the new generation of wind farms are far too big and will blight the British landscape. They argue that the turbines are only economically viable because of consumer subsidies made available by the last Government.
5 Dec 2010

Pulham turbines tipped for refusal

A renewable energy company's hopes of building the first large-scale wind turbines in south Norfolk has received a setback after plans for three masts were tipped for refusal. Proposals were submitted earlier this year for the wind farm on agricultural land at the former Pulham airship station, near Diss.
5 Dec 2010

Wind turbine opposition grows

Local opponents of the giant industrial wind turbines have organized a public meeting in Stratford for Dec. 16. "I don't think the provincial government or the companies involved have done a very good job talking about all the issues," said spokesperson Dean Trentowsky of West and East Perth Against Turbines (WEPAT).
5 Dec 2010
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