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Response to article by S. Cooper, “Wind farm noise - an ethical dilemma for the Australian Acoustical Society?”

2013_41_1_tumneyletter_thumb This letter by acoustician, Ray Tumney, addresses a consistent resistance by the Australian Acoustical Society to address the problem of wind turbine noise emissions. A portion of his letter is provided below. The entire letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Mr. Tumney's letter supports comments by acoustician Stephen Cooper's document on this issue ( ).
1 Apr 2013

Scituate says no to combining wind turbine studies

The neighbors, who say the turbine is hurting their health, announced earlier this week they would hire an acoustical engineer to test the noise levels of the turbine. They want their study to be performed on the same nights as the study conducted by Tech Environmental, the firm picked by the health board to study the turbine.
30 Mar 2013

Scituate: Advisory committee considers municipal wind turbine shut down proposal

"We are not sleeping. We are suffering the adverse effects of shadow flicker. One of the members of the board of health at the October meeting brought forth the issue that we suspend the operation of the industrial wind turbine during night time hours, until we can complete the study. ...we're imploring the town to suspend the operation," Kelly said.
29 Mar 2013

Wind farm complaints prompt review of rules

Michael Creech had planned to retire at the family homestead, a two-story farmhouse among square miles of farmland east of Hope in western Vermilion County. But he said he's changed his mind ...mostly because of the noise. There are three different noises, a whooshing sound from the blades turning, a droning noise that he compares to a jet engine, and noise from the motors when the turbines change position.
10 Mar 2013

Vestas Policy on Noise from Wind Turbines

Exh_alb-rj-3_thumb Vestas recommends relative noise limits that take into account local background noise levels (where new wind turbines are sited near existing ones, already present turbine noise should not be calculated as part of the background noise).
10 Mar 2013
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