USA Factors associated with bat mortality at wind energy facilities in the United States 14 Sep 2017
Maine Somerset County, Maine: Resolution on Industrial Wind Energy Development 6 Sep 2017
Ontario ERT Wiggins v. Ontario: Decision revoking wind turbine permit 16 Aug 2017
Canada Status: Aramini-Krogh project to evaluate Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study 30 Jul 2017
New York Apex: Galloo Island Wind - USFWS Comments 12 Jul 2017
Iowa Upland Prairie wind memorandum of lease 1 Jul 2017
A possible criterion for wind farms 22 Jun 2017
Massachusetts Falmouth Wind Turbines 1 and 2: Court Order to cease and desist operation 21 Jun 2017
Australia A new methodology for investigating ILFN complaints 18 Jun 2017
Environmental Noise Pollution: Has Public Health Become too Utilitarian? 12 May 2017
USA Oregon Greater Sage-Grouse on Steens Mountain: Final Ruling 18 Apr 2017
USA California Mammalian mesocarnivore visitation at tortoise burrows in a wind farm 12 Apr 2017
Altered cortical and subcortical connectivity due to infrasound administered near the hearing threshold – Evidence from fMRI 12 Apr 2017
Maine The Maine Tourism Association and visual impact of turbines: Testimony 2 Apr 2017
USA Ohio Camp Perry Wind Complaint 27 Mar 2017
Colorado Rand: Critique of Noise Impact Report for NextEra's Golden West Wind Energy Center 23 Mar 2017
USA North Dakota North Dakota State Legislators: End the federal wind PTC 23 Mar 2017
Alaska GVEA: Financial cost of interconnecting Delta Wind Farm 15 Mar 2017
Comments by the Academic Editors Regarding: “Evaluation of Quality of Life of Those Living near a Wind Farm“: 8 Mar 2017
Ohio ABC brief supporting disclosure of bird-bat mortality: Blue Creek Wind facility 7 Mar 2017
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