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Lowell wind turbine part tips truck; closes I91 in Vermont

A trailer carrying a 115,000 pound base column for a wind turbine detached from the truck hauling it and rolled off Interstate 91 Southbound in Irasburg near the Orleans exit. Green Mountain Power is trucking parts from Island Pond to Lowell Mountain where it is building 21 turbines on the ridgeline. About 120 truckloads are slated to make the trip through September. Duration 1 minute 48 seconds
20 Jul 2012

Iberdrola turbine burns

A wind turbine near Grafton caught fire Tuesday, May 22 2012. The flames were strong as the smoke streamed from the tower. Fire crews didn't get close at first because of burning debris falling down. Duration: 1 minute 2 seconds
23 May 2012

Tornado meets turbine

Twisters ripped through Harper County, Kansas on May 19, 2012. Five turbines were destroyed at the nearby wind farm under construction. Debris from the torn blades was reported as far as 1 mile away. Duration: 2 minutes 27 seconds
21 May 2012

Vestas: What turbines do when the wind is not blowing

Vestas, the largest wind turbine manufacturer, demonstrates just how oblivious the wind industry is to the impacts of spinning blades. In this holiday greeting video, viewers are treated to the fun of ice throw. Duration: 1 minute 18 seconds
22 Dec 2011

Looking for answers in turbine collapse

As a damaged wind turbine lays on the ground behind Western Reserve High School where it fell from its tower Sunday afternoon, the district's two other electricity-generating units sit idle while officials with the company that built them try to determine why this one collapsed. The district installed the turbines in 2009, using state funds to cover most of the costs. But the Scottish firm Proven Energy issued a worldwide recall last year to correct a bearing problem discovered in a turbine being used overseas. Duration: 2 minutes
19 Sep 2011

Wind catches blades, crashes turbine

Turbine components weighing 50-tons fell 246 feet to the frozen ground on Saturday (Feb 20, 2009) when the blades of a turbine under construction east of Waverly caught wind and started rotating at a speed reaching 60 rpm. The hub housing the generating components of the Cannon II turbine and the structure's three 177-foot blades collapsed after spinning for hours at the mercy of the wind, says Waverly Light and Power General Manager Diane Johnson. A gust caught the blades prematurely on Friday because, prior to the installation, they were not turned in a way that would have prevented them from catching wind until construction was complete, according to a press release issued by the municipal utility. "It could have spun for days," Johnson says. On Monday, as the mangled blades lay at the base of the tower, construction crews worked to dismantle the structure's top and middle sections to reinforce the turbine. Crew and neighbors were evacuated overnight until the structure collapsed under its own weight. Duration: 10 minutes
27 Aug 2011

Is safety a relative term when siting wind turbines?

In this video, members of the Wisconsin wind siting council discuss the necessity of establishing a safety setback from large wind turbines. Two council members representing groups that lobby on behalf of wind development believe, in this case, that safety is a relative term. They do not believe safety is an issue when it comes to siting turbines, and argue the term "courtesy setback" is more appropriate. Duration: 7 minutes 19 seconds
22 Jul 2010

Turbine burns at Kent Hills wind farm fire

Egin, Salisbury & Riverview Fire responded to a windmill on fire at TransAlta's Kent Hills wind facility in Parkingdale/ Caledonia Mountain at 8:48am. There was nothing the Fire departments could do but watch the turbine burn. Firefighters followed standard protocol recommended by wind turbine manufactuers which requires personnel to allow the turbine to burn out and arrest any fires that might start on the ground due to falling debris. The TransAlta wind facility is located about 30 kms outside of Riverview New Brunswick. This video aired on CTV , CBC & Global NEWS. Duration: 43 seconds
16 Aug 2009

Turbine slashes into home

Bill Fish wants the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to investigate homemade windmills after his neighbours device came crashing through his roof during yesterdays high winds. He was shocked awake around 3 a.m. when an eight-foot-long wooden blade penetrated the roof, before piercing through the ceiling and wall in a sewing room of his Dufferin Avenue home, located outside of Wallaceburg in Chatham Township. Newspaper account of the incident here. Duration: 1 minute 38 seconds
13 Feb 2009

Burning turbine

News report of a wind turbine at the Aeolian Park wind energy facility in Spain destroyed by fire. According to Iberdrola, the exact cause of the fire has not been determined, but is believed to be due to mechanical failure. Firemen, police and company personnel were on the scene. A 120 meter buffer around the turbine was established to ensure the safety of people and property near the fire. The fire did not impact the operation of the Aeolian Park in spite of the spectacular visible cloud column rising from the turbine. Duration: 0 minutes 55 seconds
13 Sep 2008
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