USA Grid Impacts of Wind Power: A Summary of Recent Studies in the United States 1 Jun 2003
USA North Carolina Offshore Wind Farm Approval Process, North Carolina 30 May 2003
Denmark UK The Dash for Wind: West Denmark’s Experience and UK’s Energy Aspirations 19 May 2003
USA The Effect of Wind Development on Local Property Values 15 May 2003
USA Why CO2 Mandates Won't Work 7 May 2003
USA Evaluating The Costs And Benefits Of Wind Energy- Overstated Benefits and Understated Costs Create False Hopes for Wind Power 5 May 2003
USA Kansas Guidelines for Landowners in Negotiating Wind Energy Leases 26 Apr 2003
Nebraska USF&WS Letter to Nebraska Public Power District re. Possible Threats Posed by Ainsworth Wind Plant to Wildlife 18 Apr 2003
USA The True Cost of Electricity from Wind Power and Windmill “Availability” Factors 7 Apr 2003
Risk analysis of ice throw from wind turbines 1 Apr 2003
New York Nocturnal Migrants at Risk - Chautauqua Windplant Spring '03 1 Apr 2003
New York Nocturnal Migrants at Risk - Chautauqua Wind Farm Spring '03 1 Apr 2003
USA Glenn Schleede's Refutation of NREL's Larry Flowers' False Assertions 29 Mar 2003
USA BP, a master of 'greenwashing' its public image through advertising, is rushing back to its petroleum base. In reality, it never left it 8 Mar 2003
USA Spinning Reserve From Responsive Loads 1 Mar 2003
Michigan Wind Power– Can it make sense in Michigan ? 1 Mar 2003
USA Why I Oppose the Production Tax Credit 12 Feb 2003
New York Barbara Pac's Letter to Sue Sliwinski re. Living with wind turbines 10 Feb 2003
USA Massachusetts Getting Your Initiative Through Town Meeting 1 Feb 2003
Australia / New Zealand Wind Farms: Environmental Noise Guidelines 1 Feb 2003
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