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Company wants issues resolved with landowners over wind turbine lines

Clean Line Energy representatives hope to resolve a number of issues with landowners before they connect a transmission line to wind turbines in northwest Oklahoma. For that reason, company representatives have asked for and have been granted a continuance until early March on a hearing that would grant the Houston-based company public utility status in Oklahoma with Oklahoma Corporation Commission.
3 Feb 2011

Landowners: Energy lines' final route a 'dirty trick'

Several landowners south of Junction have said they've been forgotten and abused in the transmission line routing that the Public Utility Commission approved on Jan. 20. The path of the transmission lines, being built by the Lower Colorado River Authority to carry wind-generated electricity from West Texas to the I-35 corridor, puts them through part of the townsite and through the land of Dean Martin, among others.
29 Jan 2011

Eminent domain bill passes committee

The bill is opposed by landowners in the path of the Montana Alberta Tie Line who argue that a private company from another country shouldn't have the authority to condemn land here. The bill states that public utilities and companies that receive permits under the Major Facility Siting Act, such as MATL, can take private land for public use.
27 Jan 2011

Panel rejects eminent domain ban for Wyoming wind developers

The House Minerals Committee on Monday indefinitely postponed legislation that would have imposed another one-year moratorium on non-utility companies' ability to use eminent domain when building collector lines to wind turbine sites. State lawmakers voted last year to create a one-year moratorium on the practice; that moratorium ends July 1.
25 Jan 2011

Cape Wind to partake in utility merger review process

The administration of Gov. Deval Patrick has been pushing for a tougher standard of review for the proposed merger, saying the utilities should have to prove the merger would help the state's clean energy goals. NStar has been criticized by administration officials for its lack of interest in the Cape Wind project and its decision to focus instead on bringing Canadian hydropower to New England.
21 Jan 2011

Consumers Energy executive predicts superhighway to transmit power across Midwest will raise costs for Michigan residents

A plan to build what's described as a superhighway to transmit power between Midwest states is drawing criticism from a top Consumers Energy executive, who say it will raise costs for Michigan residents. CMS Energy Board Chairman David Joos says Michigan would see no benefits, but he predicts Consumers Energy customers could pay several hundred million dollars a year extra for decades.
17 Jan 2011

Clean Line turned down in Arkansas

" ... (T)he Commission's decision is based on the fact it cannot grant public utility status to Clean Line based on the information about its current business plan and present lack of plans to serve customers in Arkansas. ...Without pre-judging any future plans Clean Line may have or may bring before the Commission, the Commission denies Clean Line's request" for issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.
15 Jan 2011

Hydroelectric power could be key to state cutting gas emissions

Hydro Quebec, NStar and Northeast Utilities are working on the Northern Pass project with the Patrick administration's support. Project organizers say the new line could provide another 1,200 megawatts of hydro electricity, enough to power nearly a million houses. The project is still in early engineering and study phases, with the goal of wrapping up in 2015, the Northern Pass website says.
31 Dec 2010

Correct court ruling kicks MATL's appeal to state Legislature

Salois had asked Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. to move its line to avoid damaging historical Native American tepee rings on his mother's private property. MATL refused and chose condemnation. Having lost, MATL now expects the Legislature to bail it out. MATL claims it has a deal with Montana's legislators and the governor. As reported in the Lethbridge Herald, that deal will be done by March.
30 Dec 2010

The Midwest Wind Surtax; The latest scheme to socialize the costs of renewable energy

This is another discriminatory subsidy for wind energy that will raise electricity prices on everyone, notably on those who don't rely on wind for electric power. FERC's grand vision is to build hundreds of miles of transmission lines across the Midwest, linked to windmills in Iowa and the Dakotas. ...Mr. Wellinghoff and FERC are trying to establish by regulatory fiat a national energy policy that Congress has refused to endorse.
30 Dec 2010

The Northern Pass: Bringing hydro-power to New England

"What we are trying to do is meet the regional's state's goals to provide a renewable energy source to New Hampshire and New England." But despite its worthy goals, the project has caused a furor in The North Country. ...Russ Johnson is a Columbia resident. "We the people of Northern New Hampshire don't want you. We don't want you defiling our landscape and our economy by forcing your way over our forests and mountains and homes and we will fight you every step of the way."
29 Dec 2010

Mountain protection: Two county leaders say Mercer should consider ridgeline ordinance

Mercer County currently does not have a ridgeline protection ordinance that would regulate the height of structures constructed atop the county's mountains. Two people planning to serve on the Mercer County Commission have said that the county should consider such a rule. "In my opinion, I don't like it myself," Mike Vinciguerra of Bluefield said when asked about the idea of wind turbines erected in the county.
26 Dec 2010
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