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Wrecking what little we have to benefit investors far below

This power line proposal is, in the best word I can sum up, horrendous. We should not suffer the loss of our last asset, our beauty and scenery and place of self and place, because of the accident of geography as to where we live. We should not suffer because we happen to exist in an apex, where Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Lower Canada meet, because we are "in the way." This isn't a not-in-my-backyard issue. It is far beyond that.
16 Dec 2010

Wind farm agrees to fund transmission upgrade

With wind farms sprouting all over southern Idaho, newer companies are being required to install more than just turbines. ...The 10 MW will itself be enough to stress Idaho Power's transmission capability. Idaho Power discovered threat of an overload in 2007 when Idaho Winds proposed a slightly smaller project.
15 Dec 2010

Judge denies MATL use of eminent domain powers

A district judge in Montana ruled Monday that a Canadian developer of a high-voltage power line has no authority to condemn private property for the project. The decision, filed Monday, is a victory for landowners trying to limit the impact of the Montana Alberta Tie Line. It also could carry ramifications for other developers proposing transmission projects to meet demand from wind developers asking for additional shipping capacity.
14 Dec 2010

Judges to hear power line case

A north-south battle line took shape Friday as residents and attorneys for large property owners gathered before a panel of judges that will hear testimony on the proposed Krum-Anna power line. Two judges with the State Office of Administrative Hearings laid the groundwork Friday for about 700 intervenors to participate in a trial for a new 345-kilovolt line that would cross Collin, Cooke, Denton and Grayson counties.
11 Dec 2010

Opposition to power line near US 380 grows

Oncor's biggest fight in getting green energy from West Texas to North Texas will play out in Austin next week. Oncor wants its new 345 kilovolt transmission lines from Krum to cut through Denton ..."It [the route] comes close to four or five of our educational facilities," said Dr. Curtis Ramsey, Denton ISD trustee.
7 Dec 2010

Texas lawmakers discuss renewable energy at Abilene conference

Opposition to the construction of high-voltage transmission lines in Texas could result in a smaller-scale project than originally envisioned by state officials, State Sen. Kirk Watson told a crowd of local workforce leaders Wednesday at a conference on renewable energy and state politics. "Elected officials and regulators are working at scaling back and actually scrapping portions of the CREZ lines."
2 Dec 2010

Germany’s offshore wind: Wasted resources, environmental blight

Europe's energy consumers must pay 20 cents per kWh generated, plus an additional 5 cents per kWh for transmission costs. They must pay this regardless of whether they need the electricity at the moment, and despite the fact that a kWh of wind electricity is worth less than 3 cents on the Leipzig Power Exchange, due to the intermittent and highly variable nature of wind.
1 Dec 2010

Power line project faces challenges in California valley

Although the line won approval from the United States Forest Service, the federal Bureau of Land Management and the State of California after the utility submitted an 11,000-page environmental impact statement, neighbors and wilderness advocates have filed lawsuits challenging those decisions. Opponents argue that the transmission line is not mainly about renewable energy.
28 Nov 2010

Transmission debate continues after ruling

A judge's ruling has just kept the debate going over where to put wind energy transmission lines near Amarillo. The proposed transmission would connect new substations near White Deer and Hereford. The battle is between people trying to block routes from south of Palo Duro Canyon State Park to the Canadian River and especially in between.
20 Nov 2010

WPL is penalized for unclear information about wind-farm project

Wisconsin Power & Light got a slap on the wrist from state regulators for not making it clear that there will be problems getting electricity out to consumers from a major wind farm the Madison utility company is building in Minnesota. Last April, WPL requested a $35.4 million rate boost for 2011, primarily to help pay for the Bent Tree wind farm near Albert Lea, Minn.
12 Nov 2010
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