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Another Iberdrola turbine in flames

10406642_10153314144619561_8038242542069749243_n_thumb The flaming turbine is part of Iberdrola Renewables' Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Power Project located in  Livingston County, IL. The 300 megawatt facility includes 150 Gamesa G87 2.0 MW turbines. It was placed in-service in March 2010. Residents reported that fire crews were acting “traffic control only”.  Iberdrola trucks arrived after fire crews left. The turbine was still burning when Iberdrola left. 
24 May 2015

Fire damages wind turbine near Westboro

"On approach, we could see a lot of heavy smoke coming from the turbine," said Manchester. "As we got closer, we were able to see there was quite a bit of flame coming from the top portion of the turbine where the blades attach. We were advised by Iberdrola not to approach the turbine, just due to the safety factor, because there was a lot of debris that was burning and falling off.
19 May 2015

Turbine light not working

NTSB report highlights problems that could have led to deaths of four area cattlemen Unclear sectional maps and an inoperable light on top of a wind turbine are two items highlighted in an investigative report into a plane crash that killed four area cattlemen south of Highmore last year.
20 Apr 2015

Battery Fires: The alternative energy problem we need to talk about

Green energy represents a key investment in the globe’s future but, as this and other issues reveal, it can come with hidden problems the energy suppliers need to tackle head-on. Accidents are a risk in any industry, and firefighters always take their lives into their hands on the job, but improving safety records–Kahuku had multiple battery fires before the devastating 2012 incident–should be a priority if we are to achieve our green energy goals.
9 Mar 2015

New bill targets wind turbines

The bill would require the Maryland Public Service Commission to evaluate the impact of a proposed wind project that “directly or indirectly encroaches on existing, private, state, federal or military infrastructure, resources, facilities, ranges, or operating environments,” and prohibits the commission from approving such a project “unless the proposed offshore wind project will not impact restricted areas and a specified warning area in a specified manner.”
6 Mar 2015
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