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Group challenges wind power deal

The 6,000-member Associated Industries of Massachusetts said in a statement yesterday that the Department of Public Utilities overstepped its powers and set a dangerous precedent for allowing utilities to negotiate agreements outside the competitive bidding process when it approved the deal last month.
14 Dec 2010

AIM asks court to set aside approval of Grid/Cape Wind deal

AIM will argue in its appeal that approval of the National Grid/Cape Wind deal by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) was "arbitrary, capricious," an "abuse of discretion and not otherwise in accordance with the law." AIM believes the agreement sets a dangerous precedent for allowing utilities to negotiate expensive power agreements outside of the competitive bidding process and to allocate the costs of those contracts unfairly to commercial and industrial customers.
13 Dec 2010

Climate-change funds shift focus from wind, solar

The poor performance of some sectors aiming to slow climate change is pushing money managers to cast further afield for investments that both carry green credentials and are likely to post better returns. Some renewable-energy stocks, such as those in solar and wind industries, have fallen spectacularly in recent years, belying hopes that they were poised to break out.
10 Dec 2010

Cape Wind power rate appealed

Two parties have filed an appeal with the state Supreme Judicial Court of the decision approving the rate for half of the power from Cape Wind. The Associated Industries of Massachusetts and the TransCanada Corp. have filed the appeal of the state Department of Public Utilities' November decision, said DPU executive director Tim Shevlin.
10 Dec 2010

Pull the plug on high energy prices

From smart meters, to the Green Energy Act, to the Samsung subsidy, electricity bills are skyrocketing. When you add in the impact of the HST and other rate increases, the annual cost of electricity bills for Ontario families is set to increase by another $732 per year by 2015, according to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. Premier McGuinty is running Ontario's hydro system in a way that is unsustainable.
10 Dec 2010

Renewable energy targets in doubt as expensive wind power runs out of puff

About $18 billion is needed for wind farm construction in Australia to meet government renewable energy targets. But weak electricity prices and a troubled subsidy scheme threaten to jeopardise returns on projects. ...Without subsidies, current electricity prices would need to triple to justify new wind capacity, which costs about $2.5 million per megawatt to build.
6 Dec 2010

Vermont's pending price shock

Last month, the State of Massachusetts approved the most expensive power purchase agreement in the country -- a 15-year contract negotiated between Cape Wind and National Grid to sell one-half the project's 468 megawatts at 18.7 cents per kilowatt hour.
3 Dec 2010

Germany’s offshore wind: Wasted resources, environmental blight

Europe's energy consumers must pay 20 cents per kWh generated, plus an additional 5 cents per kWh for transmission costs. They must pay this regardless of whether they need the electricity at the moment, and despite the fact that a kWh of wind electricity is worth less than 3 cents on the Leipzig Power Exchange, due to the intermittent and highly variable nature of wind.
1 Dec 2010

Harnessing wind to help economy

South Dakota's wind energy industry is confident that if given the right incentives, short-term production gains would be a boon for the state's economy, and in 15 years, the state could be producing 10 times as much energy from wind as it is today. ...Not everyone shares this optimistic view. "Your state is being used because it has land," was the blunt assessment of Lisa Linowes, executive director of the New Hampshire-based activist group Wind Action. Linowes said the wind industry's economic forecasts typically don't take into account higher utility rates or the unreliability of wind as a power source. That the industry has potential to expand is a testament to years of government preference, not merit, she said.
1 Dec 2010

Renewable energy push leads to price jolt for rural electric co-ops

Minnkota Power Cooperative, which supplies electricity for a wide swath of eastern North Dakota and northwest Minnesota, has been delivering a jolt to its member rural electric cooperatives. A combination of factors involving the economics of wind power in Minnesota have led the power provider to tack on a surcharge adding almost 10 percent at the wholesale level.
22 Nov 2010

BPA proposes 8.5% rate hike

BPA will also recover the costs of integrating rising amounts of wind power into the transmission grid through a separate wind integration charge paid by wind developers and purchasers. That rate will be determined through the same process of setting power rates.
18 Nov 2010
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