Europe Estonia halts expansion of ‘expensive’ windmills 16 Nov 2005
Pennsylvania [Wind]Farms could affect flights 16 Nov 2005
Massachusetts New arms bill could block plans for Cape wind farm 16 Nov 2005
Massachusetts Mount poised to gauge wind energy possibilities 16 Nov 2005
Michigan Wind turbine zoning bills a matter of control, some say 16 Nov 2005
Australia / New Zealand Senator won't back forcing wind farm on public 15 Nov 2005
Australia / New Zealand Turbines 'too close to homes' 15 Nov 2005
Massachusetts Full Text of Governor Romney's Letter to Interior Secretary Norton 15 Nov 2005
Asia Australia / New Zealand Europe Canada South America USA WEO shows rising energy demand to 2030 15 Nov 2005
Europe France takes new steps to fight global warming 15 Nov 2005
Vermont Sheffield wind developer hires PR firm to boost support 15 Nov 2005
Massachusetts UMass gets money to study wind-powered desalination 15 Nov 2005
USA Colorado Udall highlights muddled thinking on renewable energy research 15 Nov 2005
Illinois Boone wind-farm backers file court challenge to county ruling 15 Nov 2005
Australia / New Zealand Australia - Wind farm power struggle 15 Nov 2005
New Hampshire In Berlin (NH), reasons for optimism on prison 15 Nov 2005
Pennsylvania West Virginia Bat deaths cast pall over promise of wind power 14 Nov 2005
UK Windpower survey blows away myths from opponents 14 Nov 2005
Germany German wind lobby hails policy, utilities uneasy 14 Nov 2005
Virginia Wind energy's potential - and problems 14 Nov 2005
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