UK Energy Policy: The Small Business Perspective & The Impact on the Rural Economy

Sbcenergyreport_thumb This report surveys the intense debate now taking place as to why the chosen strategy is not achieving its objectives. We believe that a principal factor is to be found in the increasingly controversial renewable energy policy, which is widely criticised for its lack of balance and its over-emphasis on onshore wind at the expense of other technologies.
1 Feb 2006

State needs farmers for wind test

State officials are looking for a few farmers to test the wind with more than a wet index finger. Michigan State University will place five anemometers around the state to measure wind velocity, the first step in gauging whether wind generators are feasible statewide.
1 Feb 2006

Energy panel cites its successes

The idea of a wind turbine to power Town Hall was ruled out, however, as was turning to hydroelectric generation at Mill Pond Dam, but the committee recommendations on lighting at Town Hall, Rowe Elementary School, and other town buildings produced energy savings.
31 Jan 2006

Enron -- father of modern windpower

Key to Enron's success was deregulation of the electricity market, so that it could more easily be manipulated by developers and brokers such as Enron without having to worry about the whole expensive package of energy delivery, i.e., infrastructure maintenance. They also transformed wind power from an experimental alternative in tune with the environment into an industry that mocks environmental concerns.
31 Jan 2006

Letter to USF&W re. 'Collaborative Process' to Revise the Interim Guidance on Avoiding and Minimizing Wildlife Impacts from Wind Turbines

Letter_to_fws_re_faca_thumb This letter was written by the law firm Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal to the United States Dept. of Interior and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service on behalf of National Wind Watch, the Humane Society of the United States, the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound and Juniata Valley Audubon concerning the Fish & Wildlife Service's intention to convene a committee to engage in a 'collaborative process' to revise the Fish & Wildlife's Interim Guidance on Avoiding and Minimizing Wildlife Impacts from Wind Turbines.
31 Jan 2006
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