2-1 ugly

In that survey, twice as many people said they would find them unacceptable or ugly. That's 2 to 1 against among those who actually had an opinion.
23 Feb 2006

Sheffield wind farm files with PSB for state approval

MONTPELIER – UPC Wind Management on Wednesday announced the company filed a petition for a certificate of public good for what would be the state's largest commercial-scale wind-powered electricity generation plant, despite recent opposition from a Northeast Kingdom legislative caucus.
23 Feb 2006

Turbine claim denied

WIND farm chiefs have denied claims that turbines would have an adverse affect on neighbouring house prices. In last week's Courier Laxton resident Robert Tyrall said that the area around the proposed Sixpenny Wood Wind Farm at Balkholme had already seen a property price drop of 30 per cent.
23 Feb 2006

Information lacking on wind project

After a tremendous amount of time spent in a collaborative and meetings regarding wind towers, our town's Planning Commission is unanimous in its support of the town plan. The commission is unconvinced that there are benefits of industrial wind power development on this mountain that supplant the principled planning contained in our current and past town plans and zoning ordinances, all of which were based on an historical interest in the preservation of the Glebe Mountain ridgeline.
23 Feb 2006

Lawsuit - Dale Rankin, et al, Plaintiffs vs. FPL Energy, et al, Defendants

Abilenetxlawsuit_thumb The Plaintiffs acquired their properties with the intent of country living, enjoying the wildlife on their properties, some hunt on their properties, some let others hunt on their properties yet the Plaintiffs have suffered the following effects from the erection of the turbines: significant loss of use and enjoyment of their properties, negative impacts on the wildlife on their properties, interference with the ability to hunt and have others hunt on their properties, interference with the electrical functioning of their homes such as satellites, televisions, and the circuitry, destruction of the scenic countryside, a diminishing of the use of the properties for outside functions, lights, noise, trespass by the Defendants onto their properties, damage to their homes from dynamite blasts, cutting down trees by the Defendants on a Plantiff's property, concern for the health impacts of living under turbines, dread, fear and the loss of the previous love for their homes. The Public as well has suffered a loss from the destruction of this scenic and historic area of Taylor County and the complete disregard of FPL Energy, LLC for the endangered species in the area when it constructed Callahan Divide Wind Farm. 
23 Feb 2006

Windmill documents available to public

LEWISBURG — If you can’t decide whether wind turbines are an abomination on the land or an answer to rising energy costs, you can now thumb through 340 pages of the siting application submitted to the Public Service Commission by Chicago-based Invenergy.
22 Feb 2006
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