Little agreement on Glebe Mt. wind project at hearing

Peter Pagnucco, of the Londonderry Planning Commission, made a passionate plea to the commission. He asked for help in enforcing the town plan, which does not allow for development on Glebe Mountain's ridgeline. "We're standing here alone, defending our plan against a deep-pocketed international corporation," he said, "and we need your help."
27 Jan 2006

Phony award

In a recent article by Jeanne Miles and Gail Montany, "Industrial Wind Tops News from NEK in 2005," reference is made to Shay Totten's piece in the Vermont Guardian, wherein he names David Rapaport and Mathew Rubin (the "R & R team") "Vermonters of the Year."
27 Jan 2006

Clearing the air

Neither Ms. Perry nor other wind energy advocates have successfully challenged the substance of my papers. Instead, they resort to ad hominem attacks.
26 Jan 2006
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