UK UK: Turbine switched off because of flicker 7 Apr 2005
Vermont Industrial wind, corporate vandalism 3 Apr 2005
Europe Damaged Turbine Crystal Rig wind farm near Dunbar (2) 1 Apr 2005
UK Damaged Turbine Crystal Rig wind farm near Dunbar (1) 1 Apr 2005
UK Who Surveys the Surveyors? Surveys and polls in the formation of Scotland's Energy Policy 1 Apr 2005
Texas Transmission Issues Associated with Renewable Energy in Texas 28 Mar 2005
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West Virginia Could Cuts in Emissions Come Faster? 17 Mar 2005
Vermont Big wind, small state 13 Mar 2005
New York The Myopic View of Wind power 11 Mar 2005
Kansas Misplaced State Government Faith in "Wind Energy"--This Time by the Kansas Energy Council 1 Mar 2005
Washington Why EnXco’s Desert Claim Project Must Not Be Approved: ROKT's Concerns about the Revised Development Agreement Presented to the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners 1 Mar 2005
Maryland Jon Boone's Responses to Synergics' Three Data Requests 1 Mar 2005
New York Hudson River Sloop Clearwater endorsed a proposed wind turbine park 28 Feb 2005
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USA Wind Farms and Their Effects on Public Safety Radio Systems 24 Feb 2005
Vermont Careful on energy 20 Feb 2005
USA Virginia Economic Factors for Wind Projects - With special refererence to Highland New Wind Development 19 Feb 2005
Germany Energy Policy: Germany 19 Feb 2005
Massachusetts Beacon Hill Institute on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Cape Wind Energy Project 17 Feb 2005
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