USA Why the U.S. Needs More Nuclear Power 1 Jan 2005
Kansas Tom Hewson Analyses Carbon Dioxide Savings of Gray County Wind Farm (KS) 1 Jan 2005
Vermont VNRC Position Statement on Wind Energy Development 1 Jan 2005
Europe UK 2005–2006 Review of the Renewables Obligation 1 Jan 2005
New York Letter of NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation to Chautauqua Power re. Avian Risk 31 Dec 2004
Washington Public Hearing of the Kittitas Board of County Commissioners 27 Dec 2004
New York Comments of the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. on Proposed Rulemaking 22 Dec 2004
USA Vermont Adam Kelly: Direct Testimony to Vermont Public Service Board on behalf of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources 22 Dec 2004
Europe Denmark The Impact of Large Scale Wind Power Production On the Nordic Electricity System 17 Dec 2004
USA ABA -Renewable Energy: What Kinds Of Incentives Are Needed & How Do The Current Available Incentives Work? 15 Dec 2004
USA A bigger, "renewable" boondoggle 15 Dec 2004
Massachusetts Laura Roberson's Letter to Governor Romney 10 Dec 2004
USA Comments on the Bureau of Land Management’s Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on Wind Energy Development on BLM-Administered Lands in the Western United States 10 Dec 2004
UK Yeo: Conservative Action for a Greener Britain- Speech to the Centre for Policy Studies 7 Dec 2004
New Hampshire Opponents Use Petitions To Fight Wind Farm 4 Dec 2004
USA North American birds on the decline- Nearly a third of native bird species - even common ones - are seeing striking losses, says a survey. 2 Dec 2004
Kansas Wind not answer to energy insecurity 2 Dec 2004
Maryland Stop the Wind Turbines... 2 Dec 2004
Vermont Agency Of Natural Resources (ANR) Policy: Wind Energy and Other Renewable Energy Development on ANR Lands 1 Dec 2004
Vermont Tourism and Industrial Wind Turbines 1 Dec 2004
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