Wind Makes Little Difference

It is unreasonable to expect wind energy to make a meaningful contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, given wind’s unreliability and the consequent need to meet increasing power needs with reliable capacity. We would be better served by focusing on clean coal. The technology exists to clean coal today and that would make a meaningful difference. The proliferation of wind turbines will not.
1 Mar 2006

RI's GOP Senator urges defeat of Young amendment

Today, U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee sent a letter to four Senate colleagues urging them to reject a proposal to impose a 1.5-nautical mile restrictive zone on offshore energy production. The addition of this provision in the Coast Guard reauthorization bill would essentially terminate an ongoing pollution-free, renewable wind energy project off the coast of New England.
28 Feb 2006

The march of wind turbines goes on

THERE are now at least SEVEN firm proposals for multi-turbine windfarms in Northumberland, with a further two possible schemes revealed. Aluminium giant Alcan and Scottish Power are hoping to erect 16 turbines each 120 metres tall on land West of the smelter at Lynemouth.
28 Feb 2006

Draft 2004 New England Marginal Emission Rate Analysis

Marginalemissionrateanalysis_thumb ...the MEA Report can be used to estimate the value (avoided emissions) of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) by providing both REC suppliers and stakeholders with information that can be used to communicate the environmental benefits of RECs and works to enhance the overall REC marketplace. Editor's Note: As noted below under Methodology [emphasis added], this report appears to substantiate the point that wind energy would not backdown "baseload" generation.
28 Feb 2006

Macarthur Wind Farm P/L - Statement of Submission to Planning Panel Hearing by James Lyon

Macartherobjectionpres_thumb The Guidelines require that “In order to facilitate a viable wind energy industry, planning applications need to include sufficient information and explanation to allow responsible authorities to come to sound and timely decisions”. Unfortunately, the application for a planning permit by Macarthur Wind Farm P/L fails to include sufficient information. The panel should therefore recommend that the a permit not be granted, and should ask the proponent to resubmit its application with (i) A full estimate of all economic costs of the proposal, both internal and external. (ii) A soundly based forecast of greenhouse gas abatement outcomes, based on the best available data and an independent, peer reviewed computer modelling of the NEM (iii) A full, project specific, assessment of the energy and greenhouse gas costs of the proposal itself, including all directly and indirectly associated activities.
28 Feb 2006

No windmills on the Que

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has determined that the development of a wind farm on this land is not consistent with the intent of the grant program that was used to purchase it.
27 Feb 2006

Forum to present wind energy issues

MONTPELIER – The use of wind power has been a hot topic in Vermont in the last few years. With wind farm proposals for locations in Sheffield, Londonderry, Manchester and elsewhere stirring up controversy and discussion across the state, one group says it's hoping to keep the public informed and up to date with a community forum in Montpelier on Tuesday.
27 Feb 2006

No shortage of wind farm spin

During five years of debate over the Nantucket Sound wind farm, there have been arguments about cost benefits and national security, bird deaths and spoiled waterfront views. But when a panel of congressmen meets on Capitol Hill as soon as this week to discuss legislation that could kill the wind farm, the fate of the project may hinge on a single question: Would the turbines threaten navigation on the Sound?
27 Feb 2006
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