A confused senator?

Could it be that the confused senator's judgment is clouded by his personal relationship with certain landowners in Lowell who stand to make huge profits at our expense?
27 Feb 2006

Record Year for Global Wind Energy - Global Wind Power Market Increased by 43 Percent in 2005

Brussels, Belgium [] The global wind energy sector experienced another record year in 2005. According to the figures released by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) for 2005, the installation of 11,769 megawatts (MW), which represents a 43.4% increase in annual additions to the global market, was up from 8,207 MW in the previous year. The total value of new generating equipment installed was more than Euro 12 billion, or US$14 billion.
27 Feb 2006

We Who Voted 'NO' in Londonderry

Some of us used to think wind development might create useful electricity. But we took time the last three years to learn about how industrial wind really works. We studied Catamount’s “educational material,” we studied the impact of industrial wind development in others countries, and we studied the independent analysis of scientists and economists who show that the benefits of industrial wind are an illusion. Editor's Note: This letter has been submitted to The Rutland Herald.
27 Feb 2006

Forum to present wind energy issues

MONTPELIER – The use of wind power has been a hot topic in Vermont in the last few years. With wind farm proposals for locations in Sheffield, Londonderry, Manchester and elsewhere stirring up controversy and discussion across the state, one group says it's hoping to keep the public informed and up to date with a community forum in Montpelier on Tuesday.
27 Feb 2006

No windmills on the Que

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has determined that the development of a wind farm on this land is not consistent with the intent of the grant program that was used to purchase it.
27 Feb 2006

Wildlife, windmills and power

Wind power as the alternative source of power generation seems to be breaking through as everybody's darling. General Electric is investing heavily in it. President Bush, having lately discovered that America is addicted to oil, is supporting the admittedly clean energy that comes from wind turbines, and the environmental community loves windmills. Are we perhaps getting too far ahead of ourselves by uncritically embracing wind turbines?
26 Feb 2006

Moratorium voted down

MONTPELIER -- A proposal championed by lawmakers from the Northeast Kingdom to place a moratorium on any industrial windmill developments on the state's ridgelines failed by a wide margin in the House on Friday.
25 Feb 2006
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