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Residents' heartfelt words mean little in wind-tower approval process

The subject of this public hearing: Whether a New Hampshire company should be allowed to put up wind-measuring devices, known as met towers, atop Hawk Rock in Newark and on three mountains in nearby communities. The company has said it hopes eventually to erect as many as 35 commercial wind turbines on the ridgelines of Newark, Brighton and Ferdinand.
22 Jul 2012

AM calls for wind turbine rules review

She said later: "Poor legislation and law will never serve us well, and I believe that the general consensus is that the current Welsh laws around planning for wind power are not fit for purpose, are too subjective and leave a bad taste in most people's mouths.
22 Jul 2012

Shumlin Defends Lowell Wind

Shumlin stated that he listened to both sides and met with industrial wind opponents in Montpelier to hear their views. "An eight-minute meeting with a few people in your office is hardly engaging in a dialogue. Coming to the Town Offices and driving through town is not the same thing as going to the site and talking to neighbors in their homes," said Snelling.
21 Jul 2012

Court halts wind turbine delivery

The borough has stopped - at least for now - a wind turbine slated to be built at the regional sewerage plant here. Robert C. Fischer, Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's executive director, called the latest news "disappointing."
21 Jul 2012

Help save our state from wind turbines

What the Siting Council chose to do in response to the new law was to create wind regulations based upon industry favorable siting requirements. States that have accepted development of wind turbines in populated areas are spending much time and money on the effects on neighbors who are truly suffering day to day.
20 Jul 2012

Newark residents unite against big wind

There was nearly universal skepticism or outright opposition to locating the MET tower (meteorological measurement tower) in a forest off Route 114 adjacent to a sheer rock cliff known as Hawk Rock. Only one person spoke in support of allowing the installation of the meteorological station in Newark.
20 Jul 2012

Creetown windfarm plans ditched

The plug has been pulled on a major windfarm development in the Stewartry. In a “refreshing change”, Swedish company Vattenfall bowed to massive concerns and backed off the proposals for Blackmyre Moor near Creetown.
19 Jul 2012
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