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Encore runs out of wind

However, these contracts have a three-year to completion shelf life. The contract between the state and Encore Redevelopment is due to expire Jan. 15, 2013. Encore applied for an extension of 25 months, into 2015, arguing that the company had faced numerous delays in getting the project off the ground. ...PSB denied the extension, making it impossible for Encore to meet the January 2013 deadline.
25 Jun 2012

Interior Dept. report slams BLM for poor monitoring, lack of financial accountability at wind and solar projects on public lands

"Our review of wind project files revealed very little inspection documentation for wind projects and no monitoring plans," the report found. "One BLM field manager told us that wind projects `run themselves' and do not have many issues requiring monitoring. In Ocotillo, where the Ocotillo Express wind project is under construction, residents have repeatedly complained about a lack of BLM monitors and have documented numerous problems on video and with photos, ECM has learned.
24 Jun 2012

RWE seeks German redress over wind farm delay

RWE AG, Germany's second-biggest utility, is seeking compensation from the federal government as its offshore wind farm project faces "further massive delays," Der Spiegel reported on Sunday, citing the company's new CEO. Efforts to link RWE's so-called Nordsee Ost wind farm in northwestern Germany to the main electricity network keep running behind schedule.
24 Jun 2012

Green power in the red

Australia is not alone in questioning the political cost and economic value of a decade-long rush towards green power. As the financial crisis continues in Europe it would be easy to conclude the developed world's infatuation with heavily subsidising renewable energy had peaked. ...Wind energy companies are abandoning Spain after the government killed off generous subsidy schemes that had spawned a modern-day gold rush in renewables.
23 Jun 2012

Is democracy just blowing in the wind?

Say no to the corporate takeover of our government at the expense of the people! Stop corporate welfare! End the Production Tax Credit for Big Wind. Taking money from hard-working American taxpayers and ratepayers to put into the pockets of multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations is complete insanity that must stop!
23 Jun 2012

Spring Valley wind facility

Springvalleywind_thumb The Spring Valley Wind project towers over nearby vehicles. The project, located 30 miles east of Ely, Nevada, includes 66 Siemens 2.3 MW machines. The Spring Valley project went online August 8, 2012 and is the first in the State of Nevada.
22 Jun 2012

Wind farm debate divides Lanai friends and families

Opponents believe money isn't the only bottom line in this debate. "Maybe the kids and the mom are against the windmills. But they have to put the pro-windmill signs in the front yard because dad works for the company," Gima said. Lanai's wind farm issue isn't blowing away, neither are the visible signs of a great divide.
22 Jun 2012

Vestas ends plans for UK offshore wind plant in Sheerness

With its own deployment plans slowing, Vestas is likely to have been unwilling to continue paying to retain first call on the facility for an extended period. It received local planning approval for the proposed plant in May this year. ...The company has always said that a final decision on the factory would be dependent on receiving firm and unconditional orders for its turbine.
22 Jun 2012

Sale of Lana'i fails to settle wind project controversy

The pending sale of Lana'i by Castle and Cooke's David Murdock to Larry Ellison has not brought an end to the controversy that swirls around a proposed wind project. As part of the deal, Murdock retains the right to develop a 200 to 400 megawatt wind farm on thousands of acres of land on the northwest tip of the island.
22 Jun 2012

FAA facing investigation over Cape Wind approval

In a similar letter sent last month to Michael Huerta, acting administrator for the FAA, Ms. Parker said the FAA, in issuing in 2010 a "determination of no hazard" for the proposed wind farm, "ignored the warnings of the local aviation community, including airplane pilots, regional airports, and airline owners that the proposed Cape Wind project would pose unacceptable risks to the safety of local pilots and passengers."
22 Jun 2012

Wind energy symposium seeking local participants

The symposium is co-sponsored by the Berkshire Regional Planning Com mission as a very important step in understanding residents' perceptions and understanding of wind energy project siting in the region. It is funded through a National Science Foundation grant to Dr. Roopali Phadke of Macalester College.
22 Jun 2012
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