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Blowing in the wind: Maine's energy past and future

But like most growth spurts, Maine's rush into wind energy has not been pain-free. Lawsuits, regulatory challenges and financial problems have slowed or snuffed out numerous projects. Alarmed by stories told by turbine neighbors elsewhere, voters in towns across Maine have banned commercial wind power near their homes. Federal subsidies that fueled wind power's dramatic national expansion are at risk of expiring amid the changing political environment in Washington, D.C.
30 Mar 2012

State to fall short of wind power goal, studies say

Maine will not be able to accomplish the state-mandated goal of building 2000 megawatts of wind power on land by 2015. That's one conclusion of two studies issued this week by the governor's energy office and an independent group of researchers. The studies also urged reconsideration of the landmark 2008 law that allowed wind turbines to be built in ecologically and scenically important areas of the state.
30 Mar 2012

Chile's Supreme Court halts illegal wind farm

Several Chilean civil society organizations expressed their opposition to the irregular performance of the Regional Environmental Commission that unanimously approved the development of the project without conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment required under Chilean law, says Elsa Cabrera. ...In a unanimous decision, the ministers of the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Regional Environmental Commission of Los Lagos.
29 Mar 2012

Woodstock voters debate, approve ordinances

Also approved was an ordinance establishing a one-year moratorium on wind power projects, while a town committee crafts an ordinance. Bob Elliot of the committee said members wished to have the time to get feedback on the new Spruce Mountain LLC project. He said that since the project went online in December, the group has been receiving input from residents.
29 Mar 2012

Lowell Wind: GMP seeks easement for blasting

Green Mountain Power is seeking a private property easement near the site of the 21st turbine proposed for the Lowell wind project. The easement would give GMP the right to a 1,000-foot blast safety zone on private land in Eden adjacent to the wind project site.
29 Mar 2012

Doubts grow over Suzlon's ability to repay its debts

Suzlon is coming under pressure to allay concerns that it may not be able to make payments on $569m of equity-backed foreign-currency convertible bonds, after a US customer said in a financial filing that it will not pay off a contract until, at best, next February.
29 Mar 2012

Kalida residents opposed to wind turbine proposal

Plans by Kalida Manufacturing to build two wind turbines adjacent to its facility met with strong opposition Tuesday night. During a Union Township trustees meeting Tuesday evening, more than 60 area residents expressed their strong vocal opposition to KMI's plans to purchase 55 acres adjacent to their property and install two wind towers on the property.
28 Mar 2012

Denmark's energy industry faces new headwinds

Vestas depends on the US for one-fifth of its orders, making it highly sensitive to US market conditions. Decades ago, California had tax breaks which became a boon for the Danish company. When those ended Vestas barely survived. The same sort of crisis could come this December, if Congress decides not to extend a production tax credit that underpins the US wind industry.
27 Mar 2012

Groundbreaking law prohibits wind turbines

Council members made history Monday night by passing unique legislation that bans wind turbines in town. The new law, which unanimously passed third reading, prohibits the construction of all types of wind turbines, wind chargers and wind generators. It also outlaws any device, apparatus or structure used to convert kinetic energy from wind to produce electricity.
27 Mar 2012

Residents celebrate as turbines plan rejected

People who feared they would become surrounded by wind farms are celebrating after plans for turbines were refused. Energy firm Wind Prospect wanted to build three 110- metre turbines at Foxton,County Durham - not far from land where controversial plans for what could be the country's biggest wind farm have been put forward.
26 Mar 2012
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