Wind Turbines Kill Raptors, Lead to Rat Infestations

Predictions by bat experts that expanded industrial wind farms in West Virginia will increase numbers of disease-carrying mosquitoes and crop-destroying grasshoppers, locusts, and moths are not the only expected ecological consequences of expanded wind farms. Giant wind turbines take an even greater toll on birds, including many endangered species and birds of prey instrumental in controlling rodent populations, says the Heartland Institute.
23 Mar 2006

FERC Rejects Exemptions for Wind Generators

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued orders rejecting exemptions from the standard interconnection rule for wind generators (Order No.661-A) sought by the Midwest Independent System Operators (MISO) and the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and all of the transmission owners in their respective regions.
22 Mar 2006

Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget Statement

I can also announce a new fund, initially £50 millions, for microgeneration technologies which make it possible for homes and businesses to generate their own renewable energy. The purpose of this £50 million fund is to show how we can make these technologies from wind turbines to solar heating, affordable to schools, housing associations, businesses including local authority tenants – initially 25,000 buildings.
22 Mar 2006
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