Selling out: A different shade of green

In this season of hope and reflection, a time to give thanks for our treasures and consider helping those less fortunate - I would urge us all to pause a moment, look around and appreciate the beauty of this community and consider protecting and preserving the natural green space we have left. Resist the temptation for that 'greedier shade of green'!
30 Dec 2005

Anderson: lobbyists pushing hard for renewable energy

This means, said Anderson, that they are seeking to impose a requirement that all companies purchase a certain amount of their energy from this renewable source. “The problem is that no one wants to buy the energy they are producing because of the high cost involved,” said Anderson. “However, they are pushing hard and I don't know at this time whether they will be successful or not.”
29 Dec 2005

GOP appointee set to run DTE

Last May, in a move some industry officials say contributed to her promotion to chairwoman, Judson voted against approvals for an 18-mile, mostly undersea power cable crucial to the 130-turbine Cape Wind electric generation project in Nantucket Sound, which Romney opposes.
29 Dec 2005

Danes have much to teach on green power - like how not to do it

Wind power has a defect: it only generates when there is a breeze, so it's no good for supplying peak electricity just when you need it. The Danes get around this problem by importing lots of electricity from Sweden and Germany, thereby passing the pollution problem to someone else, as well as quietly making use of Sweden's atomic stations. If the Danes didn't import electricity, they'd have to have more gas plants and so make even more emissions.
28 Dec 2005

Founded on a lie

An adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority, released on 21 December, confirms that the wind power industry has duped the country, despite repeated warnings from critics. Every new development, most recently the outrageous approval of Glenmoriston at Loch Ness, is hailed as saving the emission of thousands of tonnes of a year.
28 Dec 2005

Turbine Figures Blown Off Course

"Wind energy has again been shown up for what it is - an expensive way of saving a derisory amount of CO2. It is, frankly, a disgrace, that the wind turbine farce continues in the name of saving the planet. The Government should intervene immediately and stop these projects - they are a waste of our resources."
27 Dec 2005

Blowing cold over windfarm plans

“Turbines can offer a small contribution to the energy gap, however, due to their randomly intermittent generating capability, as seen in November with the cold spell and high pressure over the UK, the windmills stood still unlike the price of gas.”
27 Dec 2005

DEP staying out of wind-power debate - Mollohan concerned windmill owners could exploit state as coal barons did

Mollohan has compared the situation of wind power in West Virginia to the beginnings of the growth of the coal industry. “With regard to wind energy, the prospects are that West Virginia will be relegated to something of a colonial status,” he said, “with its resources being exploited by and for the benefit of outsiders, and with West Virginians being left with a legacy of environmental damage.
26 Dec 2005

Ridge Protectors showed courage was the Sheffield people who voted "no" who have done their homework. The yes votes came from people who would sell out their town and the NEK in hopes that UPC's corporate welfare would trickle down to them and pay their taxes.
26 Dec 2005
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