Wind farm project on hold in S.F.

After a heated string of presentations, the Spanish Fork City Council held off making any decisions Tuesday night on the future of a wind farm project in the city until other options are considered.
22 Feb 2006

Windmill documents available to public

LEWISBURG — If you can’t decide whether wind turbines are an abomination on the land or an answer to rising energy costs, you can now thumb through 340 pages of the siting application submitted to the Public Service Commission by Chicago-based Invenergy.
22 Feb 2006

WRC has questions on wind project

BRATTLEBORO -- The Windham Regional Commission says it did not get enough information about a possible wind energy development at Glebe Mountain before it had to send recommendations to a state board.
22 Feb 2006

Wind power problems? Just wave a few checks

A developer should show some degree of integrity and professionalism by educating the community. Show the community and citizens of the county its benefits and potential drawbacks. Waving checks to some, pitting neighbor against neighbor, sliding agendas through the back door sounds like bureaucratic bull we’re all fed up with.
21 Feb 2006
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