Mosquitoes something to bat around

There seems to be no good way to properly site these turbines on unspoiled Appalachian mountains without causing irreparable damage. The State Corporation Commission has an opportunity to do the right thing by heeding the growing warnings about negative, cumulative effects its own experts are offering.
9 Mar 2006

Setting the Record Straight - Montpelier Wind Forum Not as Advertised

The Wind Forum, held at the Unitarian Church in Montpelier, and hosted by the group Building for Social Responsibility (BSR) was a big disappointment for those of us who came with questions and who expected an informed discussion. Since we, from Windham and South Londonderry, had a two hour drive, we carefully checked the agenda of the forum on the BSR web site before deciding to attend.
9 Mar 2006

Yesterday in parliament - Britain's energy needs (extract)

Mr Blair questioned whether the UK can meet its future energy and environmental needs without nuclear power. He said renewable energy must form a larger part of the UK energy mix but stressed nuclear might be "part of the answer". He said: "I still think there is a major challenge - and this is what the energy review will answer in the next few months - as to whether we can really make sure we meet both our energy needs and our environmental targets without nuclear power in the mix."
9 Mar 2006

Power from the people

The energy minister is doing it. David Cameron's doing it. People are blogging it. Is DIY power generation going to be the next big thing?
9 Mar 2006

Wind power and system stability

But the variable and unpredictable power rate of the wind disqualifies it for either system load following or the continuous full load operation required to contribute to the national base load.
9 Mar 2006

UK Cancels Wind Energy Program

Taking on heavy criticism, the British energy minister and rural affairs minister have agreed to cancel a wind energy program that would supply renewable energy with 27-wind turbine farm, according to the Guardian.
9 Mar 2006
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