King Coal again raises his sooty scepter

Environmentalists ... say that coal is the dirtiest energy source, emitting far more greenhouse gases than natural gas or even oil. Burning coal would speed up dangerous global warming. But the industry says they've figured out a way to get rid of coal's traditional pollution - "clean coal."
22 May 2006

Wind Farm becomes part of MMS hearings

WASHINGTON, DC -- When the Minerals Management Service of the US Department of Interior kicked off its national scoping process for "Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Renewable Energy and Alternative Use" on Thursday, May 18, the Cape Wind controversy immediately moved to center stage.
21 May 2006

Shock and ore

Nuclear power, the totemic issue inspiring fear and loathing in equal measure among many Labour MPs and environmental campaigners, was, the Prime Minister declared this week, back on the agenda "with a vengeance".
21 May 2006

Cost a downside of turbines

While proponents of wind energy see a potential economic boom by harnessing the wind, at least one state public policy think tank researcher is warning that turbine farms aren't a panacea. He says the cost of transporting the electricity generated in the Concho Valley to urban markets in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio might sap the long-term value of rural wind energy generation.
20 May 2006
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