PPM Energy Announces Two New Wind Farms in Two States

PPM Energy, ScottishPower's competitive U.S. energy business, will begin construction this fall on the 75-megawatt (MW) Twin Buttes Wind Power Project in southeastern Colorado. And in Oregon, PPM just announced construction of the 100 MW Leaning Juniper Wind Project near Arlington, which is expected to be commercially operational later this year.
31 May 2006

Not all power plant truths are convenient

Around 225 CU customers have chosen to have their electric needs supplied by a wind farm in Kansas. They pay about twice as much for electric power as other CU customers. But there's no way wind could supply electricity for everyone in Springfield. We would have a lot of hours in the year with no power if we did that, Twitty said. Of course, a blackout is one way to conserve.
31 May 2006

Professor challenges scientific community over global warming

TONY JONES: So in fact you think it's too late for the green solution? The sustainable agriculture combined with large-scale alternative energy, sources like wind farms, hot rocks, wave energy? All of those things combined with solar power, you don't think that will all work? PROFESSOR JAMES LOVELOCK: I'm afraid it won't. They would have worked with a small population like back in Malthus's time. If civilisation had developed that way we might not be in the mess we are now in. But you can't support 6 billion, growing towards 7 billion people, on that kind of energy source. It just won't work.
30 May 2006

Giant pylon inquiry 'may take 9 months'

A PUBLIC inquiry into controversial plans for a 137-mile overhead power line through Scotland could take nine months and cost Highland Council more than £500,000 for objecting. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) wants to upgrade the power line from Beauly, near Inverness, to Denny, Stirlingshire, to help take electricity from wind farms.
30 May 2006
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