Wind developers subverting ruling

After careful consideration, Mr. Janson decided that the project will not promote the general good of the state. Now enter the rogue representatives and Joint House Resolution J.H.R. 64. The point of this resolution is to help wind developers have their way at ruining the state's ridgelines, while promoting an obsolete technology that can realistically do very little. They hope we will suspend our disbelief long enough to surreptitiously go about their devious plan.
30 Mar 2006

Windfarm nimby and not ashamed

If the Turbines were going to make a reasonable contribution to our power problems or even to our CO2 generation difficulties one might be tempted to grin and bear it, but that is not the case.
29 Mar 2006

Going green at home won't save the planet

....Britain's networks that quietly transmit and distribute energy are the envy of Europe with a reliability rating of 99.98 per cent for distribution and over 99.99 per cent for transmission. It seems reasonable to surmise that this reliability would fast go into reverse with large numbers of micro solar and wind generators feeding in unpredictable small amounts of power.
29 Mar 2006

Audubon review supports wind farm - Threat to birds is less than feared, group finds

The Massachusetts Audubon Society gave its preliminary blessing yesterday to a large-scale wind power project off Cape Cod, saying its studies show that turbine blades are not likely to cause significant harm to birds, as the group had once feared.......But the group said its final decision will hinge on additional research of several bird species.
29 Mar 2006
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