A wind farm too far

It is true that alternative energy sources such as wind power have a limited role to play in meeting Britain’s energy needs. But they will only ever have a small role, and if the cost is scarring the increasingly threatened landscape, they should be rejected and other green and more efficient forms, including nuclear power, should prevail.
5 Mar 2006

Many costs, few benefits of wind power

Massachusetts has an ambitious goal for renewable-energy development but no realistic plan or guidelines to reach it. The result is a free-for-all with the state lavishing money on wind-power development in the Berkshires, investors and other states benefiting from the largess, and Berkshire towns and residents left in the dark as to the real consequences for our community, our economy, and our beautiful mountains.Editor's Note: Eleanor Tillinghast is head of Green Berkshires, Inc., an environmental group based in western Massachusetts.
4 Mar 2006

Manchester weighs wind project today

MANCHESTER — Voters will be asked today if the town should take a position on a proposal to build five 130-foot wind turbines on Little Equinox. What that position will be and how much it could cost may still be up in the air.
4 Mar 2006

Wind farm taxes

DENVER - A House committee unanimously approved a measure that requires county assessors to tax wind farms based on how much income they generate, rather than the equipment they use.
3 Mar 2006
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