Assembly hears wind-power debate

ALBANY — To some Upstate residents, massive windmills are “a blight on the landscape.” To environmentalists and energy companies, they are a low-cost energy source that can reduce society's dependence on oil and gas. The two sides squared off Tuesday at an Assembly hearing over the direction of the state's renewable energy programs. One thing both sides could agree on: this is a fight that is rippling across New York.
8 Mar 2006

Sutton Rejects Wind Power

Sutton was in the spotlight on Town Meeting Day. They hauled out a few extra chairs. They poured more coffee. And prepared to debate article six. Sutton voters are being asked if they would support a wind farm on their ridge lines. Some took issue with the approach of UPC, the out of state company proposing the wind farm.
7 Mar 2006

Wind farms need good regulations

If a NIMBY is someone who fights to protect health and safety, wind and property rights, property values, and tax dollars of the residence of this county, or if a NIMBY is someone concerned about the general welfare of neighbors, then yes, I am a NIMBY.
7 Mar 2006

PA Governor Rendell Announces Bucks County as Site of Gamesa's Three New Manufacturing Facilities

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa., March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell today announced the Spanish wind-energy company Gamesa Corp. is expanding operations in Pennsylvania by investing another $34 million to open three new modern manufacturing centers on 20-plus acres of U.S. Steel's former Fairless Hills industrial site. The company previously had invested $40 million in Pennsylvania, including funding for another manufacturing facility, its first in North America.
7 Mar 2006

Windy editorial it was

Now if you are successful in scaring the mountain scenery giant wind turbines, you will help drive away those residents and visitors who value Vermont's treasured scenic resources.
7 Mar 2006

PUD signs on to wind project

EPHRATA -- The Grant County Public Utility District's Board of Commissioners agreed Monday that Energy Northwest should proceed with phase three of its Nine Canyon Wind Project. To proceed, Energy Northwest is required by law to obtain approval from a majority of its member public utilities in Washington, including Grant County PUD.
7 Mar 2006

BBC Poll Not the Whole Story

SO 52% of the people in the BBC survey preferred renewables to other sources of energy. This is not much of a surprise if renewables were offered on an "either-or" basis.
7 Mar 2006

Public misled by the wind power companies

None of the renewables is anywhere close to being a potential alternative and it has been admitted by Scottish Renewables that "wind power will not form the base load for electricity". Many people, including BBC interviewers and researchers, have been misled by the false claims of wind power companies.
7 Mar 2006

A grand spectacle

Wind power projects of the magnitude proposed on our ridge lines would drastically affect the character of our state and do little or nothing to alleviate the problems of acid rain and greenhouse warming. Maybe Vince should listen to his colleagues. Some of them might know as much or more than he does.
6 Mar 2006

Wind power harms wilderness

As the state’s newspaper, the Gazette owes to its readers the effort to become informed as to the facts of the impending environmental disaster that is about to destroy our greatest natural resource, rather than simply parroting the wind industry’s false claims, as so many woefully uninformed newspapers and commentators have done.
6 Mar 2006
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