Proud to be a Highland resident

The eloquence, knowledge, logic and concern exhibited by the 60 citizens who testified against the industrial wind turbine project at the State Corporation Commission hearings last week was a real testimony to intelligence of Highland County’s citizenry.
23 Mar 2006

Good decision on Wind Power

It's time for Vermonters to enter into a reasoned dialog and consider all the options for its energy future. Many other renewable sources are in the pipeline. Let's look at them in a deliberate way. Let's stop rushing into whatever developers are pushing at the moment, because what's good for them may be bad for us.
23 Mar 2006

Federal agencies, Conservancy concerned about wind plant impacts to wildlife

RICHMOND — Formal respondents in Highland New Wind Development’s case pending before the State Corporation Commission are adding to a long list of concerns expressed already by a variety of state agencies. Among those who have weighed in recently are the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which expresses serious doubts about environmental reviews conducted thus far.
23 Mar 2006

Last ditch bid to thwart wind farm plan

A GROUP of residents is making a desperate, last-ditch attempt to prevent the construction of Suffolk's first wind farm - because of alleged shortcomings by a local authority when it gave the go-ahead.
23 Mar 2006

Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget Statement

I can also announce a new fund, initially £50 millions, for microgeneration technologies which make it possible for homes and businesses to generate their own renewable energy. The purpose of this £50 million fund is to show how we can make these technologies from wind turbines to solar heating, affordable to schools, housing associations, businesses including local authority tenants – initially 25,000 buildings.
22 Mar 2006
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