An ill wind - Heads roll in turbine corruption scandal

With the news of the arrest of seven people linked to a government promoted renewable energy project, the regional administration has found itself embroiled in a corruption scandal the like of which it has not experienced since the revelations, several years ago, regarding a scheme to excavate a hill in Fuerteventura in the name of art.
2 Mar 2006

`Hybrid' Power System Sought

The president of Connecticut Light & Power Co. urged lawmakers Tuesday to partially reverse the state's deregulation of the power industry, saying consumers will get better rates if his company is again allowed to run some of its own generating plants.
1 Mar 2006

Wind Makes Little Difference

It is unreasonable to expect wind energy to make a meaningful contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, given wind’s unreliability and the consequent need to meet increasing power needs with reliable capacity. We would be better served by focusing on clean coal. The technology exists to clean coal today and that would make a meaningful difference. The proliferation of wind turbines will not.
1 Mar 2006

Ill wind may yet blow

THE company behind the plan to build a wind farm on Denshaw Moor has yet to decide whether or not it will appeal against Oldham Council’s decision to refuse permission.
1 Mar 2006

The march of wind turbines goes on

THERE are now at least SEVEN firm proposals for multi-turbine windfarms in Northumberland, with a further two possible schemes revealed. Aluminium giant Alcan and Scottish Power are hoping to erect 16 turbines each 120 metres tall on land West of the smelter at Lynemouth.
28 Feb 2006

RI's GOP Senator urges defeat of Young amendment

Today, U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee sent a letter to four Senate colleagues urging them to reject a proposal to impose a 1.5-nautical mile restrictive zone on offshore energy production. The addition of this provision in the Coast Guard reauthorization bill would essentially terminate an ongoing pollution-free, renewable wind energy project off the coast of New England.
28 Feb 2006
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