USA Vermont Vermont town to vote on divisive wind project 1 Dec 2005
New Jersey Sierra Club: Wind farm report mostly 'hot air' 1 Dec 2005
USA New York Peru officials have approved a one-year moratorium 1 Dec 2005
Australia / New Zealand Division on windfarm 1 Dec 2005
USA Wisconsin Wind farm developer challenges moratorium - Company claims county is stalling its wind farm study 1 Dec 2005
USA California Lawsuits pit avian mortality rates against wind power - California environmental groups are concerned at regulation of permits 1 Dec 2005
Europe Corporate Green Power Effort Expands to Europe 1 Dec 2005
USA New Jersey Governor’s Offshore Wind Energy Panel Releases Interim Report 1 Dec 2005
Vermont Wind Power And The Public's Interest 1 Dec 2005
Australia / New Zealand Blot on the landscape or genuine energy? 1 Dec 2005
Washington Wind farm zoning proposal rejected - County commissioners: current rules are enough 1 Dec 2005
USA West Virginia Wind energy controversy grows 1 Dec 2005
USA Michigan RSEP seeks injunction to halt wind turbine construction 1 Dec 2005
USA Massachusetts Green vs. green 1 Dec 2005
Europe UK Wind farm 'maps' generate new row 1 Dec 2005
Canada The future of wind power in Manitoba - Environment and economy prime considerations in developing Manitoba’s wind industry 1 Dec 2005
Europe UK Giant wind farm will be a 'catastrophe', warns charity 30 Nov 2005
Europe Spain Expected To Lead European Wind Power Market Growth Over Next 5 Years 30 Nov 2005
USA Congressional Attacks Pick Up Again Against Wind Power 30 Nov 2005
USA New Jersey New Jersey Considers Doubling RPS Mandate 30 Nov 2005
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