Wind Power Developer Makes Offer To Towns

SUTTON -- UPC Vermont Wind Project Manager Tim Caffyn said Friday he has offered $100,000 in annual town tax payments if Sutton officials support the company's proposal for six wind turbines. He said he also has offered $300,000 in yearly town tax payments to neighboring Sheffield, where his company wants to put up 20 wind turbines.
18 Feb 2006

And the beat goes on . . .and on and on

They call it the train that never arrives. It's a low, rumbling sound that goes on and on ... and on. Sometimes, in a stiff easterly, the rumbling develops into a roar, like a stormy ocean. But worst of all is the beat. An insidious, low-frequency vibration that's more a sensation than a noise. It defeats double-glazing and ear plugs, coming up through the ground, or through the floors of houses, and manifesting itself as a ripple up the spine, a thump on the chest or a throbbing in the ears. Those who feel it say it's particularly bad at night. It wakes them up or stops them getting to sleep.
18 Feb 2006

Mackinaw Power pulls out, then retracts

EAGLE HARBOR TOWNSHIP - Miscommunications may have helped to widen a potentially irreparable rift this week between Keweenaw County officials and Lowell, Mich.-based Mackinaw Power, LLC. The county has been in contract negotiations with the power company regarding possible wind turbine use on the north face of Mt. Horace Greeley in Eagle Harbor Township.
18 Feb 2006

Hoosac Wind project sold

FLORIDA — An international energy company with a proven track record in massive wind-power projects has purchased the rights to the Hoosac Wind Project, despite its current legal limbo.
17 Feb 2006

Wind farm could face delay

SPANISH FORK - A slow-moving project to create Utah's first wind farm could grind to a halt this spring. A group of residents unimpressed with the idea of 300-foot-high turbines whirling overhead at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon will ask the City Council next week for a six-month moratorium on the project.
17 Feb 2006

How Northeast Kingdom sees wind

In the last couple of years I have watched Illuzzi do his fence jumping on the wind issues. One day he wants to destroy the ridgelines and if you wait a few weeks he doesn’t. It’s a lot like waiting for the wind to blow — you really never know where it’s coming from.
17 Feb 2006
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