Wind hearing postponed until Dec. 22

BAD AXE — Circuit Court Judge M. Richard Knoblock Wednesday adjourned a hearing requesting an injunction to prevent Huron County from issuing any building permits for wind turbines after attorneys for Residents for Sound Economics and Planning and Noble Energy agreed to postpone the hearing until Dec. 22.
8 Dec 2005

Gold rush of wind won't pan out

Industrialized wind is the current "gold rush" for big energy, and like every gold rush, we'll be left with ghost towns, broken promises and tainted landscapes. Why would we rape our vistas, kill migrating birds, disrupt wildlife habitat, create visual and noise pollution, and destroy our children's heritage without investigating other options? Why are we ignoring conservation? The answer is simple: follow the money.
7 Dec 2005

Wind Energy and Idaho Falls

43 wind turbins on a mountainside are by definition a scarring of Idaho's natural beauty, and one would think that before such a facility would be approved it would be brought before the public.
7 Dec 2005

Firemen climb 213-ft tower in rescue

Two electrical workers were treated and released at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center last week after they were rescued following a fire at one of the MidAmerican Energy turbines just south of Schaller.
7 Dec 2005
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