Enron -- father of modern windpower

Key to Enron's success was deregulation of the electricity market, so that it could more easily be manipulated by developers and brokers such as Enron without having to worry about the whole expensive package of energy delivery, i.e., infrastructure maintenance. They also transformed wind power from an experimental alternative in tune with the environment into an industry that mocks environmental concerns.
31 Jan 2006

The Answer is Not Blowing in The Wind

Wind energy is another one of those ideas that captures the media's attention and the hearts of some in the environmental movement. Yet, it is costly, inefficient, and not even able to put a dent in our long-term energy needs. Companies like Whole Foods may generate increased profits from their own embrace of wind power, but for the rest of us it's all nothing but hot air.
31 Jan 2006

Energy panel cites its successes

The idea of a wind turbine to power Town Hall was ruled out, however, as was turning to hydroelectric generation at Mill Pond Dam, but the committee recommendations on lighting at Town Hall, Rowe Elementary School, and other town buildings produced energy savings.
31 Jan 2006

Could wind energy fan employment?

Wisconsin ranks eighth in the nation in terms of potential job gains that could be linked to an expansion of renewable energy, a report released Tuesday says. The report surveyed sectors of the economy that could be tapped for expansion as development of renewable energy - whether wind, solar, geothermal or biomass - expands.
31 Jan 2006

Powerful change in wind - Towering turbines bring income for some, clean power for state, but some say costs too high

For those who live among the towers, the consequences of the development are palpable. The construction required building new roads and widening existing ones to make room for oversize vehicles. Hundreds of workers moved into town or stayed in trailers on the job site during the summer rush. The rural landscape was transformed into an industrial setting. Where stands of poplars and fields of corn and hay covered the plateau, the smooth lines of the light gray towers and steady rotation of the rotors now define the view. And the noises changed. The unobstructed wind has always been the dominant sound on the plateau. Now, the whoosh of the wind is mixed with the hum of the machines and a mechanical whomp of the blades turning.
30 Jan 2006

The Cost of Wind Power

The bottom line is simply that the cost of power from wind farms turns out to be more than twice as expensive as power from conventional sources. You may not see this in your electrical bill but be assured it will be in your tax bill.
30 Jan 2006
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