Now Enter the Rogue Representatives

After months of careful consideration Janson has decided the project will not promote the general good of the state. Now enter the rogue representatives. They have created Joint House Resolution J.H.R. 64. The point of this resolution is to help wind developers have their way at ruining the state's ridgelines, while promoting an obsolete technology, that can realistically do very little.
22 Mar 2006

Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget Statement

I can also announce a new fund, initially £50 millions, for microgeneration technologies which make it possible for homes and businesses to generate their own renewable energy. The purpose of this £50 million fund is to show how we can make these technologies from wind turbines to solar heating, affordable to schools, housing associations, businesses including local authority tenants – initially 25,000 buildings.
22 Mar 2006

US Oil Majors Seen Lagging in CO2 Risk Management

Exxon spokesman David Gardner said the company believes the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may pose significant risk and that it has reduced greenhouse emissions at plants and refineries. "Our actions on carbon dioxide are widely misunderstood by many," he said in a telephone interview. He said cogeneration, or using waste heat and steam to produce electricity at plants, has reduced greenhouse gases by nine million metric tonnes per year. But Exxon has not set emissions limits and it does not invest in the production of wind and solar power because the company does not believe those technologies are economically viable yet, he said.
22 Mar 2006

Which way will wind blow on turbine proposal?

Winona County’s economic development authority revealed several more details and funding proposals for a proposed 2-megawatt turbine during a work session Tuesday, as preparations move toward a vote on final approval later this year. The county board will be asked next Tuesday to approve $48,000 to complete studies for the turbine.
22 Mar 2006

FERC Rejects Exemptions for Wind Generators

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued orders rejecting exemptions from the standard interconnection rule for wind generators (Order No.661-A) sought by the Midwest Independent System Operators (MISO) and the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and all of the transmission owners in their respective regions.
22 Mar 2006

Owens Corning Announces Breakthrough Single-end Roving for Wind Energy

(CSRwire) Owens Corning (OWENQ.OB) announced at the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in Athens, Greece, a breakthrough single-end roving and knitted fabric, WindStrand™, which will allow the wind energy market to take another step forward in competing successfully against other alternative energy sources by reducing the cost per kilowatt-hour (kwh.) The product will allow turbine manufacturers to increase blade lengths by as much as six percent and deliver up to 12 percent more power -- for up to 20 percent less cost than any competing carbon-glass hybrid solution currently on the market.
22 Mar 2006
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