Illinois ISU farm considers turbines 26 Mar 2006
Kansas Wind farms promising, but stymied by economics, sentiment 26 Mar 2006
UK Second wind? 26 Mar 2006
Illinois More wind project proposals may be just around the corner 26 Mar 2006
New York Tug of war ensues over utility-fee spending - Lawmakers want control over $200M fund set for energy-efficiency plans 25 Mar 2006
Canada Noise A Health Issue at Pubnico Point Wind Plant 25 Mar 2006
Illinois Brothers’ wind farm idea hits snag 25 Mar 2006
Maine Maine's top economic gun loaded with optimism 25 Mar 2006
Vermont My Turn: From Londonderry 25 Mar 2006
Europe USA France Leads New Push for Nuclear Power 25 Mar 2006
USA Ethanol farm - Biofuels have prompted an uneasy pact between enviros and the agricultural lobby. Is Big Ag drawn by idealism or the smell of pork 25 Mar 2006
UK War of words over proposed Burnham wind farm's power generation . 25 Mar 2006
Wisconsin Are turbines worse than sprawl? 24 Mar 2006
New York Controversy in the Wind - 'Free' power source comes at a price for some living near the steady 'whoosh' 24 Mar 2006
UK Windfarm plan prompts storm of protest 24 Mar 2006
Canada California California's new power diet plan - The Golden State has lessons to share with Ontario on how to avert an energy crisis 24 Mar 2006
Illinois Committee seeks study of wind turbines' effects on birds 24 Mar 2006
Canada Turbines move for the birds 24 Mar 2006
Wisconsin Horicon wind farm permit on hold, could interfere with Air Force radar 24 Mar 2006
Kansas New Mexico Oklahoma Texas Xcel Energy Seeking 'Non-Wind' Renewable Energy for Southwest 24 Mar 2006
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