A new twist for wind power technology

LONDON, March 21 (UPI) -- Wind turbines have long been fixed in the public imagination as giant propellers on sticks, marching across rural landscapes to the ire of local residents. But now an alternative design of turbine that rotates on a vertical axis is attracting renewed interest, as developers consider the benefits they may bring in terms of reduced noise, increased efficiency, versatility and aesthetics.
21 Mar 2006

Testimony of The Business Council of New York State before The Assembly Committee on Energy The Assembly Subcommittee on Renewable Energy

Let me be clear from the start - we are not opposed to renewables. Our companies have been the beneficiaries of the state's most abundant form of renewable energy - hydropower. What we do object to is being forced to subsidize those renewables that are not cost competitive...............Adding significant amounts of wind power does not negate the need to add more baseload generation, to ensure system reliability during periods of peak demand. Until we add significant baseload capacity in this state we are not likely to reap the benefits of a truly competitive marketplace where supply will respond to demand.
21 Mar 2006

Tough power decisions

So, where are we now? Controversy over the East Haven opinion is hardly a sign that the permit process is broken, but rather a confirmation that it works. Now we need to take the ambivalence out of this by thoughtfully delineating which impacts and tradeoffs are acceptable with wind power development, and which are not. This is a tough balance to strike, but we should rejoice that in Vermont these choices are still ours to make.
21 Mar 2006

Hot air on wind power

Wind power is coming to Ontario because our government is hell-bent on going green. ...If only we could figure out how to get energy from hot air. Then we'd have all the power we need, forever.
21 Mar 2006

Ask tough questions on wind power

If the good people of Florida would question the developers, the politicians who fast-track this project, the facts, and the integrity of the siting process with this type of intensity instead of attacking anyone who participates in the public process, this project would never be built.
20 Mar 2006
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