Wind power problems? Just wave a few checks

A developer should show some degree of integrity and professionalism by educating the community. Show the community and citizens of the county its benefits and potential drawbacks. Waving checks to some, pitting neighbor against neighbor, sliding agendas through the back door sounds like bureaucratic bull we’re all fed up with.
21 Feb 2006

Citizens Do Have a Voice

While it is true that the Public Service Board (PSB) is the decision-maker, it is a disservice to suggest that the town is powerless before the board or that zoning and Act 250 have no bearing. Editor's Note: This letter was submitted to the Rutland Herald
20 Feb 2006

A tall order

Other than profiting their promoters, the only reason to build them is to get something that we must have and cannot get in any other way. Justifying the addition of towering turbines to Vermont's mountain scenery is a tall order.
20 Feb 2006
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