Learn the facts, senator

Illuzzi suggests that instate generation would be cheaper for our manufacturers and that it would save money for ratepayers. Perhaps he hasn’t heard that countries in the world with large wind plants are finding their rates are constantly rising, notably in Denmark and Germany.
9 Feb 2006

Major Electric Transmission Line May Span County By 2014

Describing the project as a "proposed transmission superhighway," the nation's largest electric power generating company has unveiled a plan to construct a new 550-mile-long set of the largest above-ground high-tension transmission lines currently used in the industry from southwestern West Virginia to central New Jersey. The proposal could include a section traversing Garrett County from west to east.
9 Feb 2006

Danish island touts clean energy, but reality sets in

SAMSOE, Denmark -- In the late 1990s, Denmark set out to turn this farming and summer-vacation island in the Kattegat Sea into a showcase for clean energy. The government dangled generous financial subsidies. A former environmental studies teacher, Soren Hermansen, was hired to persuade residents to invest in wind turbines, solar panels, electric cars and giant straw-burning furnaces.
9 Feb 2006

Wind power a possibilty for county

PORT CLINTON -- City Council is looking into joining other Ottawa County governments to bring energy-producing windmills to the area, thus decreasing local dependency on FirstEnergy to provide electricity.
8 Feb 2006

Blowing in the wind

WIND power could soon play a major part in the future of Honda in Swindon which could mean 70-metre windmills at the South Marston site.
8 Feb 2006

Lobbying against wind farms

ALBANY -- Outspoken residents from the rural North Country and Mohawk Valley lobbied lawmakers in Albany Monday against unfettered development of wind generators and electric utility fees that help pay for them.
8 Feb 2006
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