Eternal Impact - Commercial Wind Farm Would Damage Maine Wilderness

The costs are “the loss of the mountains,” said Dr. Dain Trafton of Phillips, Maine, speaking for the friends group to the Original Irregular newspaper. “Is it worthwhile introducing this huge industrial plant into these beautiful mountains when, in fact, very little power will be produced, very few emissions will be avoided, and very little economic benefit will come to the area?”
25 Dec 2005

Blazing Turbine 'Like a Catherine Wheel'

The turbine which caught fire had been suffering from an oil leak and had been undergoing repairs earlier in the day. Engineers thought they had fixed the problem, but when they tested the turbine it caught fire.
24 Dec 2005

Gamesa granted tower variance

Because of the temporary nature of the wind assessment tower, and because it will be installed within an 8,000 acre tract of land and hundreds of feet from any property line, planning commissioners granted the international manufacturer of wind turbines a conditional variance Thursday night.
23 Dec 2005

Got green power?

Director Bob Boren reported that the Idaho Consumer-owned Utilities Association (ICUA) has passed a resolution to get hydroelectric power reclassified as "green" energy. The resolution next goes on to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association for consideration at the regional and national levels.
23 Dec 2005
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