Learn the facts, senator

Illuzzi suggests that instate generation would be cheaper for our manufacturers and that it would save money for ratepayers. Perhaps he hasn’t heard that countries in the world with large wind plants are finding their rates are constantly rising, notably in Denmark and Germany.
9 Feb 2006

Wind towers near Minot need fixing

MINOT, N.D. Wind towers south of here are undergoing repairs. The wind generators on the east side of U.S. Highway 83, about 10 miles south of Minot, have not been spinning to produce electricity for the last couple of months. Crews have been working to replace gear boxes.
8 Feb 2006

Blowing in the wind

WIND power could soon play a major part in the future of Honda in Swindon which could mean 70-metre windmills at the South Marston site.
8 Feb 2006

Patrick challenges Healey to support Cape Wind

BOSTON—Wednesday, February 8, 2006—As energy prices this winter shock Bay State residents like never before, Deval Patrick today called upon Kerry Healey to support the Cape Wind project, a major clean energy project that will help stabilize electricity prices and reduce costs for Massachusetts energy consumers.
8 Feb 2006
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