`Hybrid' Power System Sought

The president of Connecticut Light & Power Co. urged lawmakers Tuesday to partially reverse the state's deregulation of the power industry, saying consumers will get better rates if his company is again allowed to run some of its own generating plants.
1 Mar 2006

The march of wind turbines goes on

THERE are now at least SEVEN firm proposals for multi-turbine windfarms in Northumberland, with a further two possible schemes revealed. Aluminium giant Alcan and Scottish Power are hoping to erect 16 turbines each 120 metres tall on land West of the smelter at Lynemouth.
28 Feb 2006

RI's GOP Senator urges defeat of Young amendment

Today, U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee sent a letter to four Senate colleagues urging them to reject a proposal to impose a 1.5-nautical mile restrictive zone on offshore energy production. The addition of this provision in the Coast Guard reauthorization bill would essentially terminate an ongoing pollution-free, renewable wind energy project off the coast of New England.
28 Feb 2006

A confused senator?

Could it be that the confused senator's judgment is clouded by his personal relationship with certain landowners in Lowell who stand to make huge profits at our expense?
27 Feb 2006

Record Year for Global Wind Energy - Global Wind Power Market Increased by 43 Percent in 2005

Brussels, Belgium [] The global wind energy sector experienced another record year in 2005. According to the figures released by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) for 2005, the installation of 11,769 megawatts (MW), which represents a 43.4% increase in annual additions to the global market, was up from 8,207 MW in the previous year. The total value of new generating equipment installed was more than Euro 12 billion, or US$14 billion.
27 Feb 2006

No shortage of wind farm spin

During five years of debate over the Nantucket Sound wind farm, there have been arguments about cost benefits and national security, bird deaths and spoiled waterfront views. But when a panel of congressmen meets on Capitol Hill as soon as this week to discuss legislation that could kill the wind farm, the fate of the project may hinge on a single question: Would the turbines threaten navigation on the Sound?
27 Feb 2006
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