New York Town of Sanford, NY wind turbine moratorium 15 Aug 2019
Connecticut Report and recommendations for minimizing and mitigating environmental and commercial impacts of offshore wind facilities 13 Aug 2019
Ohio Seneca Wind: Notice of Application Withdrawal 9 Aug 2019
Oregon Friends of the Columbia Gorge v. Oregon EFSC (S065478 Opinion) 1 Aug 2019
Infrasound and low frequency noise guidelines: Antiquated and irrelevant for protecting populations 13 Jul 2019
Nebraska USA Petition for review: USFWS approval of “R-Project” Transmission 5 Jul 2019
USA Massachusetts Finding of Adverse Effect for the Vineyard Wind Project Construction and Operations Plan 20 Jun 2019
USA Illinois Invenergy v United States Section 1603 cash grant decisions 20 Jun 2019
North Dakota Nextera Burke Wind Denial Order 12 Jun 2019
Ohio Notice of relinquishment and withdrawal: Black Fork Wind Farm 16 May 2019
Wisconsin Village of Montfort Appraisal: Impact of Cardinal-Hickory Creek Project 25 Apr 2019
Europe Challenges of decommissioning offshore wind farms: Overview of the European experience 1 Apr 2019
Kansas Linn County wind moratorium resolution #2019-04 25 Mar 2019
Montana Court: Injunction order halting construction of Crazy Mountain Wind farm 19 Mar 2019
USA Massachusetts US NOAA comments on Vineyard Wind 15 Mar 2019
USA Nebraska Class Action Complaint: Kohmetscher v Nextera 1 Mar 2019
California San Bernadino County resolution: Bans large-scale renewable energy projects 28 Feb 2019
Oregon Summit Ridge Wind Farm: Extension request and comments 22 Feb 2019
Ohio Huron County resolution withdrawing support for Emerson Creek Wind Energy Project 19 Feb 2019
Europe Pilot study: Wind turbine infrasound damage extends for 15 kilometers 19 Feb 2019
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