Ontario Building wind turbines where they’re not wanted brings down property values 8 Jan
North Dakota County commission denies permits for Burleigh-Emmons Wind Farm 8 Jan
Focus on effect of wind farms on wildlife 8 Jan
New York Where are results of wind law survey, opponents ask 7 Jan
Wisconsin Town of Forest loses district court appeal in wind farm case 7 Jan
Maine Public hearings set on Roxbury Wind Project 6 Jan
Kansas Wind opponents tell county: See you in court 5 Jan
Vermont Court: Refund Swanton Wind developers 4 Jan
Massachusetts Fishing industry could be endangered by planned wind turbines 4 Jan
North Dakota Company seeks reconsideration of Burleigh County wind project 4 Jan
Vermont Vagaries of the energy market: A boom in renewables leads to higher rates for co-op 4 Jan
Massachusetts What if an offshore wind farm was up and running last winter? Analysis shows the benefits and limitations of wind power 4 Jan
Massachusetts Rhode Island R.I. fishermen still without compensation deal from wind farm developer 4 Jan
New Jersey Offshore-wind developers and officials won't reveal key details of proposals 3 Jan
Asia Establishment permit and power purchase agreement delayed on Taiwanese offshore wind projects 2 Jan
Germany The balance sheet of renewable energies is deceptive 1 Jan
Denmark Fire in windmill and property in Sørvad 1 Jan
Denmark Vestas wind turbine destroyed by fire; Burning blade crashed into farm building 1 Jan
West Virginia Three lawsuits filed against New Creek Wind for negative health effects 1 Jan
USA South Dakota Windless in Woonsocket – How not to sign a wind turbine agreement 31 Dec 2018
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