Pennsylvania Sound modeling expert testifies in Penn Forest wind turbine hearing 10 Oct
Wisconsin Wind energy facility in Kewaunee County no longer in operation, will be gone by 2019 9 Oct
USA Montana Montana case could set FERC precedent for paired storage treatment under PURPA 9 Oct
Michigan Wind turbine zoning researcher to help Sherwood Township 9 Oct
Illinois Morgan Co. Board not accepting wind farm applications until ordinance is updated 9 Oct
New York "No Wind," says group against Galloo Island wind project 9 Oct
Australia Opponents plan to fight ambitious Crystal Brook wind, solar and battery project 9 Oct
Texas Texas is a surprising success story in America’s long battle for clean energy. That’s about to change. 8 Oct
New York Residents flock to fundraiser supporting wind farm opponents 8 Oct
Denmark Rhode Island USA Orsted buys Rhode Island offshore wind business for $510 million 8 Oct
Ontario Plympton-Wyoming mayor calls for wind companies to pay more 7 Oct
New York Wind project not good for NNY 6 Oct
Iowa Wisconsin Wisconsin regulators accept Cardinal-Hickory Creek application, start clock on review of high-voltage power line 5 Oct
New York Henderson residents decry possible PILOT for wind farm 5 Oct
USA No free lunch for renewables: More wind power would warm US 5 Oct
Australia Wind farms attract new rules governing noise in Victoria to 'give community confidence' 5 Oct
Iowa Fairbank wind towers fight removal deadline 5 Oct
Maine LePage’s secretive wind energy panel, thought to be near death, meets for the first time 5 Oct
Germany Wind energy around Beelitz; Green light for wind power in the forest 4 Oct
New York Save Ontario Shores continues opposition to Lighthouse Wind 4 Oct
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