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In China, the true cost of Britain's clean, green wind power experiment: Pollution on a disastrous scale

The reality is that, as Britain flaunts its environmental credentials by speckling its coastlines and unspoiled moors and mountains with thousands of wind turbines, it is contributing to a vast man-made lake of poison in northern China. This is the deadly and sinister side of the massively profitable rare-earths industry that the ‘green' companies profiting from the demand for wind turbines would prefer you knew nothing about.
30 Jan 2011

Wind-farm ruling sets impractical test: counsel

The Environment Court decision on the Project Hayes wind farm had set a new test for any major project, one that was unprecedented, impractical and perverse, Meridian Energy counsel Hugh Rennie told the appeal hearing in the High Court at Dunedin yesterday. That decision required applicants to provide an assessment, including a cost-benefit analysis, of any alternative proposals.
22 Jun 2010

Industrial wind's rubber stamp?

The construction of industrial-scale wind turbines on forested mountain ridges will result in cumulative negative impacts to our regional water resources. The forested mountain ridges are the areas which receive the greatest amounts of precipitation and therefore serve as the most important areas for groundwater recharge and for maintenance of aquatic habitats in the headwaters of streams that are at the base of the aquatic food chain.
30 Apr 2010

Garrett wind project halted temporarily over mud runoff

Maryland's first industrial wind farm has gotten off to a rough start, with construction temporarily halted after environmental regulators discovered mud washing from the remote Garrett County mountaintop site into a tributary of one of the state's wild and scenic rivers. Constellation Energy has scrambled to put in stronger erosion controls as it erects more than two dozen 400-foot-tall turbines along an eight-mile stretch of Backbone Mountain.
2 Apr 2010

Water runoff issues stall Garrett wind farm construction

Construction on Western Maryland's first wind farm could resume within days, despite some residents' protests, pending a green light from the Garrett Soil Conservation District and the Maryland Department of the Environment. ...MDE spokeswoman Dawn Stoltzfus said construction was halted because of "sediment-laden water" flowing from the site.
30 Mar 2010

Weighing up the damage against the green benefits

Despite its relatively small land mass, Scotland plays an important role in the UK in storing carbon on our land. We host 55 per cent of the UK's terrestrial carbon store. The richest stores are our peat lands, poorly-drained soils ...However, the landscapes that best accumulate carbon - our wild and windy moorlands - also offer the best sites for energy generation from wind power: Scotland has 25 per cent of Europe's wind energy source, according to the Scottish Government.
5 Sep 2009

The mud from the Makara wind turbines; and the pollution of Porirua Harbour

Photographs taken at Meridian's West Wind project above the Makara coastline show how sediment has been overflowing from the construction site. The photos were taken by marine environmentalist Jim Mikoz, who wrote an article in the NZ Fishing Coast to Coast magazine with the headline: The dirt behind wind turbines.. your fishing is at serious risk. In response to the article, Meridian wrote a letter to the editor stating that there would be no mud runoff into the sea from its construction site.
25 Mar 2009

Meridian's wind farm site analysis 'woeful'

Scientific consultant Brian Patrick, of Alexandra, gave evidence on the proposal as a witness for appellant Ewan Carr. His evidence included planned mitigation measures and whether they were appropriate. During cross-examination, Mr Patrick said Meridian's plan to store spoil, including soil taken from the site during construction, in various disposal sites on the proposed 92sq km property would unnecessarily threaten indigenous flora and fauna of the Lammermoor Range.
17 Feb 2009

Turbine venture defeats detractors

A group of town residents and state environmentalists has lost a legal challenge against the Hoosac Wind Project, a 30-megawatt turbine venture planned for Bakke Mountain in Florida and Crum Hill in Monroe. Their case - which hinged on permitting - attempted to reverse the state Department of Environmental Protection's June 2007 decision to grant a wetlands permit for the estimated $45 million project. Eleanor Tillinghast, president of Green Berkshires, a plaintiff in the case, said an appeal is being considered.
13 Feb 2009

Plum Creek apologizes for incident of erosion

Plum Creek owns the property west of Greenville, and its logging contractor was clearing land for TransCanada, the developer of a wind farm. The Land Use Regulation Commission issued a notice of warning to TransCanada based on the erosion. A Maine environmental group called for the state to fine Plum Creek and a logging contractor for cutting trees too aggressively. The Natural Resources Council of Maine released photos of the erosion, which it said was effectively a 900-foot-long mudslide, along with internal communications that it says show Plum Creek's logging contractor was warned to stop working in the area until after the ground froze.
13 Feb 2009

Plum Creek violates erosion regulations; NRCM calls on LURC to impose fines

Based on an evaluation of internal documents from Maine’s Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC), the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) concludes that Plum Creek and one of its logging contractors, Theriault Tree Harvesting (TTH), last fall violated Maine regulations designed to protect water quality and Maine forests from poor timber practices.  Specifically, in late October 2008 these companies caused massive erosion problems in Kibby Township, Franklin County, including a mud slide approximately 900 feet long. Plum Creek and its contractor ignored communications calling on them to stop work until proper erosion control measures could be implemented (1). Plum Creek and TTH also declined to even show up for an after the fact site inspection meeting with LURC officials to view the damage to the site(2).
11 Feb 2009

Environmental groups critical of Plum Creek and Maine regulators

This time the focus is Kibby Mountain in western Maine where Transcanada is in the process of developing a wind power project, and where related logging operations by Plum Creek and a sub-contractor have been linked to serious land use violations. Pictures taken at the site by an independent engineering firm and provided to the Land Use Regulation Commission in late October show a logging road so damaged by rain, logging activity and erosion that it created a mudslide described as nearly 900 feet long.
11 Feb 2009

Wind farm mitigation measures questioned

Planned erosion and sediment spill mitigation for the proposed $2 billion Project Hayes wind farm was questioned during an Environment Court appeal hearing for the development yesterday. Technical director Graham Levy, of Christchurch, gave evidence as a witness called by the Otago Regional Council. ...When cross-examined by Upland Landscape Protection Society counsel Ewan Carr, Mr Levy admitted he did not have experience of earthworks and potential mitigation of such works at a site of the Project Hayes development's elevation.
9 Feb 2009

Rogue builders face legal ban

Developers who consistently abuse the planning system could be banned from building in Ireland, under legislation being drafted by the minister for the environment. ...The ban on planning retention for developments requiring an EIA was prompted by a judgment by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) last July. ...The judgment related to a wind farm at Derrybrien, Co Galway, where the construction of a service road caused a landslide on a blanket bog.
8 Feb 2009

DEP holds hearing on wind park plans

With two pipes beneath a road clogged in Noxen, Supervisor Carl Shook is concerned about runoff from a proposed wind farm in Wyoming County. "There is going to be a lot of water running off the mountain," Shook said. Shook was one of about 30 people last Wednesday who attended a public hearing ...The state Department of Environmental Protection held the hearing to receive public comment as it reviews an application from BP for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.
14 Jan 2009

Stacks windfarm project to be subject of EU investigation

The EU Environment Commission is to investigate a windfarm development in the Stacks mountains which was at the centre of concerns after a bog slide during heaving rainfall in August. ...Local residents in the Stacks mountains wrote to environment commissioner Stavros Dimas in October to say they were deeply concerned with the manner in which the windfarm at Ballincollig Hill, near Tralee, was being constructed on sensitive bog and to ask that work - which resumed recently - be stopped. The residents said "large tracts of beautiful boglands and rivers" had being damaged in the slide and the nest of a hen harrier, hares and other wildlife disturbed.
22 Dec 2008
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