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Neighbors want changes, list grievances with turbine

Councilors agreed to re-examine the ordinance and possibly make changes after neighbors in the Back Bay neighborhood voiced their opposition to the 292-foot-tall turbine put up by business owner Mark Richey on his woodworking facility site in the industrial park. That turbine went up in January. Armed with materials, research and drafted changes to the ordinance, neighbors offered suggestions on how the document could be altered - the current setbacks need to be changed, they said, and to share what it's like to live in the turbine's shadow each day.
1 Apr 2009

Letter: Cohocton not dealing with leaseholder noise complaints

The town board sent an open letter to the media Monday afternoon outlining its intentions on monitoring noise generated by the 50 wind turbines erected in the town in 2008 following complaints by residents and leaseholders involved with the project. ...Under the town's wind law, the letter states, there is a distinction between participating landowners - like Graham, who has several turbines on his property - and non-participating landowners. ..."Participating landowners are viewed under the Town's local laws as, in essence, First Wind's co-applicants."
1 Apr 2009

Wind energy whips up dissent

In theory, wind seems like it would be the ideal form of energy. It is sustainable and has the ability to provide a large amount of energy without the dependence on foreign oil. ...However, there are negatives to this form of energy. Though wind would seem to be "free," there is no such thing as a "free lunch."
31 Mar 2009

Judge upholds most of suit against Gamesa

Blair County Judge Daniel Milliron in a 20-page ruling dismissed claims of negligence and conspiracy made by Jill and Todd Stull against Gamesa, producers of the windmills and developers of phase one of the windmill farm at the Cambria-Blair County line. Six other objections filed by Gamesa or Allegheny Ridge in response to the Stull's lawsuit were overruled by Milliron.
30 Mar 2009

Preservation group voices opposition to windmill project

Six weeks ago, Ann Robinson of Falls Mills, Va., had never heard of wind turbines, but on Sunday afternoon, she was expressing her concerns over a BP Dominion's proposed wind turbine farm on East River Mountain in Tazewell County, Va. "At first I thought, oh well, wind energy, this is green ... this is a good thing, but then I started researching wind turbines and learned differently," Robinson said to a crowd.
29 Mar 2009

Charges against wind companies upheld

A Blair County judge has upheld all but two civil charges brought against two wind companies by a Juniata Township couple, who have complained that 40 wind turbines on Blue Knob Mountain are noisy and cause light to flicker in their home. ...Milliron refused to strike a charge of fraudulent misrepresentation against Gamesa and a similar charge, plus others, against Allegheny Ridge.
27 Mar 2009

A green dream or bad for our health?

The Co-operative Group, which hopes to build the wind farm on land near Langford and Biggleswade, has announced its plans for a package of community benefits, including an environmental education programme and a community trust fund. But meanwhile campaigners against the development have been distributing leaflets at school gates - warning that it could be a potential health time bomb. A couple from Enfield ...are urging people to sign an online petition asking the Government to enforce a buffer zone of at least two kilometres between industrial wind turbines and homes.
27 Mar 2009

Wind turbines will change Cohasset

This project has been sold to the town as a way for our citizens to be "green." The real reason behind this project is to produce as much "green" as possible for CCI Energy. Mr. Paul Barry, the owner of the land where the turbines will be sited said at a recent Planning Board meeting that this project is not about the money. If this is true then I ask that CCI Energy, its lawyers and the special interests that support this outside firm to make arrangements with Cohasset to transfer 100 percent of the revenue that the turbines produce (after expenses) to our town.
27 Mar 2009

Engineer talks to Orleans wind panel about noise

Charles E. Ebbing, retired engineer with Carrier Corp. with nearly 50 years' experience, explained the source and stress effects of low-frequency noise to the committee, which met Tuesday night. Low-frequency noise ranges from a few thousand hertz down to nearly zero hertz. "A house shuts out all high-frequency noise and allows in only low-frequency," he said. "The noise level of low-frequency can be greater inside than outside, because of the resonance inside buildings."
26 Mar 2009

Residents tell council they're worried about power line plans

NorthWestern Energy may have the juice, but the people have the power. That was the overwhelming message Wednesday evening when area residents packed council chambers to tell commissioners they oppose the utility company's plans for a major transmission line through southwestern Montana. The crowd spilled into the hallway where another roughly 30 people stood and listened as residents voiced their concerns about the 500-kilovolt power line ruining the visual aesthetics of their rural property.
26 Mar 2009

Noise impacts of wind farms must not be neglected

Environmental Protection UK(1) welcome the report released by RSPB(2), which states that the use of bird sensitivity maps will ensure that wind power and wildlife can co-exist. We are, however, extremely concerned that some news reporting of this(3) has stated that the only obstacle to onshore wind development is now 'Nimbyism'.
26 Mar 2009

Oregon wind farms whip up noise, health concerns

Dozens of wind turbines west of Boardman are so noisy, nearby homeowners say they're keeping them awake at night and even making them ill. "It's not healthy for us," Dan Williams said of the 240-foot-tall turbines he can see from his hilltop home. "It's like a freight train that's not coming or going." Dozens of wind turbines west of Boardman are so noisy, nearby homeowners say they're keeping them awake at night and even making them ill. "It's not healthy for us," Dan Williams said of the 240-foot-tall turbines he can see from his hilltop home. "It's like a freight train that's not coming or going." Williams is among neighbors along Oregon 74 demanding that Morrow County enforce state noise regulations on the Willow Creek Wind Energy Project or revoke its land-use permit.
26 Mar 2009

Wind energy, health experts face off

Weighing in were Dr. Albert Aniel, an internist at Rumford Community Hospital, Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, a radiologist at Northern Maine Medical Center, former Gov. Angus King, a partner in Independence Wind and Dr. Dora Ann Mills, director of the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state's chief medical officer. Aniel and Nissenbaum would like the state to place a moratorium on future wind projects until more research on the effects of turbines on people can be gathered and analyzed.
26 Mar 2009

Noble responds to noise complaints in Eagle

When contacted by the Herald in February about the noise complaints, Noble's Project Manager Brett Hastings said the town's attorney, "suggested that we have done what we need to do according to the contract." ...Hastings also commented on rumors that the wind farm company was in financial trouble, and that the company was for sale.
25 Mar 2009

Not all Town of Eagle residents are happy with wind farms

Complaints by some regarding noise issues with the turbines have been brought to the town board's attention, most recently at the board's March 20 meeting. At least one resident reports that the noise is interrupting his sleep, which in turn is affecting his health. ...O'Connor, who attended the March meeting along with a neighbor, said that the company that did the study, Hessler Associates, is closely connected with Noble. "I had it reviewed by another guy," he said. O'Connor told the board that he videotapes the turbines and uses a sound meter to back up his claims. "My metering is honest and legitimate," he said, reporting that the sound level reaches over 50 decibels at times.
25 Mar 2009

Residents battle Edison at hearing

A 5-mile swath of the proposed path through Chino Hills would double the size of existing, though inactive, Edison power lines to about 200 feet, and about 1,000 residents would live within 500 feet of the power lines. Residents and city officials said they are concerned about the large electrical towers possibly falling over or near homes during an earthquake or high winds and the potential for adverse health impacts from the electromagnetic fields created by the power lines.
23 Mar 2009
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