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Clayton wind panel gets Cornell expert's advice on turbines

CH2MHill, did a good job showing the sound levels in the proposed wind farm area, Mr. Carr said. It found the ambient noise levels to be as low as 28 decibels. And it said that adding the turbines would increase the noise levels by around 15 decibels at residences in the wind farm area. "That is intrusive," Mr. Carr said. "Unless you put people who are non-leaseholders in a bargaining position to give noise easements to the developers." He also warned against making short setbacks from roads and participating landowners. "Public health and safety should not be a measure of a project's success," he said.
27 Feb 2009

Setbacks should be increased on wind turbine projects

During this meeting one family in particular gave their account of what it is like to live 450 meters from a wind turbine. ...Their experience, like many other families, is nothing like the romantic picture painted by the green media. The reality of life in the shadows of a wind turbine can be devastating. This couple gave a passionate and at times tearful testimony of the impact to their lives since these turbines started operating.
27 Feb 2009

Turbines will upset Hammond's way of life

My heart aches for the citizens of Hammond, both year-round and seasonal, for they are about to lose their entire way of life and the wildlife and peace and quiet of the area. The natural beauty will be gone. Friends and neighbors will be choosing camps, and lifelong grudges will be formed. Is it worth it just to pick up a few thousand bucks? Ask the people of Lowville what it has done to families and neighbors. I say to the turbine industry, go away and leave us alone. Stop appealing to people's sense of greed no matter what the cost.
27 Feb 2009

Logic prevails, for now, in flap over power line

An equestrian subdivision and a 500,000-volt power line just don't mix. And, somewhat belatedly, Idaho Power Co. appears to have gotten the message. Company officials have redrawn the maps for the transmission line. At this point, none of their possible routes run near Parma. Score one, for the time being, for a small-town mayor who raised a big-time and much-justified ruckus.
27 Feb 2009

A 292-foot mistake

Residents raised those exact concerns months ago before the turbine was built, but their worries were dismissed by a stack of reports and experts who said those problems, if they existed at all, would be so insignificant, that no one would notice. And what's troubling about all the experts and turbine proponents being so far off the mark on these issues is the fact that most were equally dismissive about concerns the neighbors have raised about safety.
27 Feb 2009

County board member seeks city's input

DeKalb County Board Member Mike Haines addressed the Genoa City Council last week asking for feedback on two issues: a133-unit windmill operation proposed by NextEra Energy Resources, and a solution to the county's need for more landfill space. ..."All the tough decisions are when there's no right or wrong answer," Haines said. "There will be good people on both sides of the issue."
26 Feb 2009

Say no to the DeKalb-Lee wind farm

Should the wind-farms get built, the residential development potential on the land surrounding it, will be destroyed, and its "development premium" will disappear. This is because, no one in their right mind, would invest a quarter of a million dollars to build a residence, on land which is engulfed by 40 story towers, when they could just as easily go elsewhere, and avoid this grief, and the potential re-sale loss that might occur on their investment. So why should a wind-farm permit be granted to these interlopers, when the communities and surrounding landowners will suffer so greatly? It shouldn't!
26 Feb 2009

Town seeks more wind power info

In light of the green energy bill that is was just introduced in Queen's Park, Councillor Rick Fryer wants further information on what that means for potential wind farm developments in Amherstburg. Fryer is seeking a report from town administration on safety and environmental concerns and noted he wanted more information on distances permitted from watercourses and wetlands.
25 Feb 2009

Turbine dispute raises temperature

The wind farm issue was front and centre at last week's Township of Madawaska Valley council and tempers flared over claims that the township had prevented a woman from giving a presentation on the effects that wind turbines have on human health. Carmen Krogh, who in past weeks has spoken at several venues, is a pharmacist who says she has experienced the detrimental impact on her health that being close to wind turbines has had.
25 Feb 2009

Residents: Turbines too loud

Several Cohocton town residents want to know why they have to call wind developer First Wind to complain about noise from wind turbines instead of town officials. ...According to Joe Bob, one of the town's code enforcement officers, the town's wind law specifies exactly how much noise can be made at a certain range. ...Graham said he thinks he was lied to when First Wind, then called UPC Wind, offered to place turbines on his property.
24 Feb 2009

Wind farm noise limits urged

Ontario's noise regulations for wind turbines are among the weakest in the world and current distance setbacks from homes should be tripled or more, a public meeting was told Monday. About 200 people crowded the Essex Civic Centre to hear experts from across the province debate the health effects of wind turbines. Using teleconferencing, some spoke from as far away as the United Kingdom. The meeting got a little rowdy at times with some Town of Essex councillors trading barbs with taunting spectators.
24 Feb 2009

Gung-ho on eco-friendly energy, officials vexed by states on placement of power lines

Across the Great Plains the wind blows incessantly, while in the remote Nevada desert the sun bears down without relief. Each holds the potential of a vast new energy resource. While wind turbine and solar projects are ready to capture this new, eco-friendly energy source, where are the transmission lines to get the power to where it is needed?
24 Feb 2009

Councils 'in dark' over wind farm

A joint statement was issued by the councils of Poole, Bournemouth, Purbeck and Christchurch in response to the "West of Isle of Wight" wind farm proposal. It said they were "key stakeholders" representing local people, committed to sustaining the natural environment and working to support local employment and tourism industry. "We are collectively disappointed that no approach appears to have been made... to either advise us of these plans or seek our views and the views of local residents, partners and businesses.
23 Feb 2009

Prattsburgh residents get warning on wind turbines

Wind turbines will disturb your peace and quiet, neighboring town residents warned the Prattsburgh town board last week. "It's like a jet engine landing right behind you," Hal Graham, of Cohocton, said. "It's constant noise." Graham leased land to First Wind for its 50-turbine wind farm in the town of Cohocton. Tuesday, he spoke during the Prattsburgh board's public hearing on a wind energy facilities permit there. The permit will stipulate certain terms and charge a building permit fee for any wind facilities in the town.
22 Feb 2009

Life at 1,500 ft

When we're outside, the noise created by the turbine echoes off the buildings and seems to be amplified. When the wind is strong, the noise is masked, but about 75% of the time, the turbines are the dominant sound outside. A big concern we have at this time, is that as the weather improves (which we hope it will soon) windows will open, weather proofing will be removed and the noise that dominates the outdoors will intrude on the indoors even more. At 1500 ft, we thought we may be safe, but we were mistaken. I don't know what the answer is for setbacks, but 1500 ft. is to close.
20 Feb 2009

Generating controversy

Beth Einsele of Shabbona doesn't have one nice thing to say about windmill farms. They're dinosaurs, the Realtor said about the rows of typically white whooshing turbines. They're offensive to home buyers. They're dangerous. They don't produce anything. ...Not surprisingly, Einsele is among those opposing a 151 turbine wind farm proposed for ...DeKalb and Lee counties. The project is proposed by Florida Power & Light Energy Illinois Wind LLC.
20 Feb 2009

Wind committee discusses noise

The 10-member committee discussed material presented at the Feb. 12 meeting by Gregory C. Tocci, principal at Cavanaugh Tocci Associates ...Among his recommendations were that the town adopt a law that uses a certain number of decibels above ambient noise as opposed to the current flat allowed rate of 50 decibels. The state Department of Environmental Conservation recommends no more than six decibels.
20 Feb 2009

Wind turbine setbacks threaten our community

Current setbacks in Michigan allow a wind turbine to be constructed only 1,000 feet from an adjacent residence without the homeowners consent. This rule applies to all inhabited structures including schools, hospitals, churches, and public libraries. This distance of 1,000 feet is an arbitrary guideline recommended by the state of Michigan. Some residents who live too close to wind turbines complain of noise pollution and shadow flicker. Health problems and sleep disturbances have been documented in people living within one and a half miles of turbines.
20 Feb 2009
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