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UTG ballots on wind project to be counted Jan. 13

A nearly two-year wait for people in this part of the Northeast Kingdom to find out whether an industrial wind project may take root here may be over soon. On Jan. 13 at 6 p.m., the Board of Governors of the Unified Towns and Gores will announce the results of a recent ballot of property owners in the UTGs, asking them their stance on a proposed wind project. The confidential, sealed ballot responses have been kept under lock and key since they were due to be postmarked by Dec. 12 and returned.
30 Dec 2013

Molesworth wind farm appeal closes

Campaigners battling against plans to build a wind farm near the villages of Molesworth and Bythorn expect they will have to wait several months before they find out if they have been successful.
30 Dec 2013

New energy struggles on its way to markets

Exelon is “seeing this tipping point developing” when several of its zero-carbon reactors may have to be retired because wind power is suppressing those prices around the clock, and at some hours producers must pay the grid operator if they put energy on the grid. Wind operators still make money, though, through the production tax credit.
28 Dec 2013

Wasatch Wind wins key ruling for Glenrock wind project, but questions remain

Wind developers previously had to be in commercial production to qualify for the credit. The IRS issued new guidelines in the summer, saying companies only had to show work had begun. The new guidelines are untested in court, said Lay, a lawyer. “I have no doubt they [the developer] will claim to have met these requirements. Whether that claim stands up to the scrutiny of the IRS and its overseers in the Congress is another question."
27 Dec 2013

Local producer opposes tax break for wind farm

Without federal subsides and tax abatements, Mr. Pena said the project is not feasible and cannot stand on its own merits. So that means we are not only giving them a pass in the county by not taxing them at 100 percent of market value but we also get to help pay for the construction of a project with our federal income taxes and increase electric rate that will bring minimal economic benefits to us locally.
27 Dec 2013

Plug pulled on EcoHarmony wind project in Fillmore County

The EcoHarmony wind project received its permits in February 2010 ...the 280-megawatt project would have been the largest wind development in state history. However, the project layout was overhauled in early 2013, shrinking to 116 megawatts. The company's plans changed again this fall when Gamesa notified local project participants that the project was dead.
26 Dec 2013

Wind project foes call on state to suspend it

"Newfound Lake communities have made it very clear to Iberdrola that yet another Newfound Region Wind Facility is not wanted ... Iberdrola is going back on its word that they would not try to site here if the people did not want them," officials of Wind Watch, a 2,000-member group, said. Iberdrola's existing wind farm in Groton is being investigated by state officials.
23 Dec 2013

Commissioners want road repair agreement before wind farm built

“We’ve been working on a road agreement for two years, but these energy companies have never sat down with us,” said Commissioner Gary Utt. “I’ve been told by the Paulding County clerk that they (wind farm companies) fixed the roads the first time, but the second time, when they replace equipment, they won’t be as forthright.”
21 Dec 2013

Black Fork Wind Farm decision affirmed; Timeline for project up in the air

The 2012 approval of the Black Fork Wind Farm by the Ohio Power Siting Board was affirmed in a decision handed down Wednesday by the Ohio Supreme Court. Opponents of the planned wind-turbine project, to be constructed in northern Richland and Crawford counties, included a handful of residents in Shelby, Crestline and Tiro. They had appealed the siting board’s approval.
19 Dec 2013

Turbine break blamed on manufacturing anomaly

The cause for the wind turbine blade that broke in Chandler Township last month has been found, according to the company that manufactures the blades. A General Electric spokeswoman released a statement Monday, explaining the cause of the Nov. 8 blade break at the Echo Wind Park was a spar cap-manufacturing irregularity.
18 Dec 2013
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