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Province paying wind farms for non-generation of power

Ontario's Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli announced last Wednesday that the province would begin to pay wind power generators not to produce energy in an attempt to save taxpayers upwards of $200 million annually. Since 2006, Ontario has seen a surplus in energy but until September 11 the government has paid for all generated electricity, needed or not.
18 Sep 2013

Hanover wind turbine close to operational but not quite

The process of constructing the 210-foot-tall turbine at the site of the town's water treatment plant off Route 53 has been beset by problems, which have set the town at odds with the company it hired to assemble the structure. ..."This is one of the most frustrating public construction projects I've been involved with in my 20 years."
18 Sep 2013

Case Study: Wind lags responding to a power demand spik

The wind component of the analysis is interesting and illustrates why integrating greater volumes of wind power into the grid is challenging without the ability to store it. "On the morning of April 1, wind capacity increased for the first half of the ramping period and decreased during the last half of the period. ...the pattern of wind output can change significantly during the ramp period," the EIA said.
17 Sep 2013

Wind farms and renewable energy: a modern version of a medieval scam

Of course, it is not the technology of wind turbines I object to. Nor even really the look of them. It's the subsidy I can't stomach. Wind turbines are a costly means of producing electricity, but a wonderful way of generating a cash income from subsidy. Even if we accept the most optimistic projections, few if any of the wind farms would have been built by private investors – without a massive subsidy.
16 Sep 2013

Kingston's turbine zoning talks continue

Town counsel has suggested Kingston consider a moratorium on new wind turbines as the science of measuring sound evolves. Having spoken with counsel, Bouchard said he supports the idea of a moratorium, but for practical reasons, not based on emotion, because the board represents the whole town. "The moratorium would protect us until the science catches up," he said.
14 Sep 2013

County wants appraiser for turbine issue

Wruble is referring to the values that are being reported by owners of local wind energy developments. ..."From one township to another, or one development to another, they're not consistent on what is being reported," Wruble said. "... There should be some semblance of consistency, being they're relatively the same type of application and equipment (that were) built at the same time."
12 Sep 2013

Whistling Ridge plan is unneeded nonstarter

The future of this controversial project remains in limbo even after the court's decision, with important decisions yet to be made by state and federal agencies, no apparent market for the relatively small amount of energy the project might produce, and the phasing out of wind energy tax breaks and subsidies.
11 Sep 2013

Northeast Kingdom: Wind developer pressed on plans

John Soininen, vice president of development for Eolian, which has pitched the project called Seneca Mountain Wind, said delays in receiving a permit to build the four meteorological test towers from the Vermont Public Service Board have held the company up in getting a proposal to the UTGs.
11 Sep 2013

Citizens, officials get facts on proposed wind project

Gallenstein asked if the Duke project is related to the NextEra wind farm project proposed two years ago in the Germantown area. Furlong said there is no partnership with NextEra and the two companies are competitors. Furlong was asked if this project is successful, would other turbines be built, to which he answered there could be others.
10 Sep 2013

Some renewable energy providers giving up entering electricity market

Laying large-scale photovoltaic panels for power generation requires wide areas of flat, vacant land, ruling out urban areas. Land suited for wind farms, meanwhile, is often in the less populated Tohoku and Hokkaido regions in the north. While these areas have power delivery lines, their capacity is often limited due to low regional demand for electricity.
10 Sep 2013

Open Door Law complaint filed against Tipton BZA

BZA President Jerry Acres opened the meeting stating his opinion that the board should not consider modifying the setback requirement of 1,500 which was made a condition when the BZA approved a conditional use permit for the wind farm. The board voted 3-to-1 to deny the request from juwi Wind without conducting a public hearing or allowing testimony from the company, affected landowners and the public.
9 Sep 2013

Demand for electricity increases forcing power cuts in state

The irregular supply of wind power has also been a cause of worry for the discoms. The installation capacity of wind-based plants is 2,000 MW but on an average only 400 MW is coming from these plants. "There is no stability in wind power. The fluctuations are so high that one day it generated 1,200 MW and on other days it came down to just 400 MW," added the official.
9 Sep 2013

‘Stealth’ wind farm turned down by councillors

Speaking in opposition to the turbine, local resident Mrs Harvey told councillors that feeling in the village was “higher than it had ever been” against the application. She added: “They know a wind farm won’t be approved, so they do it one by one.” “This would be the third turbine to be built within 300m, how is this not a wind farm?”
9 Sep 2013
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