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Moratorium urged for wind farms

The provincial government should place a moratorium on wind farm projects until an independent health study can be done, a Leamington councillor said Tuesday. "I just really think the province has moved way too quickly on this stuff," said Coun. John Paterson. "There's less information out there than there should be before you start sticking the wind farms up that are going to be here for a long time."
6 Jan 2010

'Cover-up' over turbine noise

Now it transpires that the original planning application could not have proceeded, but for a Government cover-up relating to turbine noise. The Sunday Times revealed that in 2006 the Hayes-McKenzie partnership (HMP) produced a report for government that recommended a very large reduction in permissible noise levels from 43 to 38 decibels.
2 Jan 2010

Wind turbine debate swirls

Wolfe Island is very much a community hanging in that new sustainability balance. Though touted as a green, environmentally friendly project, a vocal group of islanders under the banner WIRE (Wolfe Island Residents for the Environment) has fought it every step of the way. One of their main concerns has been the potential effects the spinning turbines may have on residents' health.
2 Jan 2010

Developer tries to calm turbulence over wind turbines

Two industrial wind turbines that failed to garner Planning Board support last summer will be back up for discussion next Wednesday, after their developer agreed to put a court challenge on hold and resubmit the proposal with some modifications. The Planning Board gave the original proposal for two 450-foot turbines, on top of the Graham Waste landfill site off Route 3A, a 3-to-1 approval last June.
31 Dec 2009

Resident fights plan to plop wind turbines on Lake Michigan

Pentwater, with its population of approximately 1,000, is a scenic, quiet village known for its summer music concerts at the village green and its close proximity to Lake Michigan. If a newly-formed company has its way, however, Schwarz and many other local residents believe Pentwater and the 100-mile long coastal stretch from Muskegon on the south to Ludington on the north will dramatically alter the area for the worse.
30 Dec 2009

Construction underway on Harrow wind farm

Construction is well underway at the first major wind farm in Ontario's Essex County, despite reservations by some residents about the project. The $82-million AIM Harrow Wind Farm will include 24 turbines ..."It's my health, my family's health, the viability of our farm, the value of our farm," said McLean, whose farm on Gore Road is next door to the new farm.
30 Dec 2009

The wind industry takes over Zapotecan lands

During the months of November and December, a press agency from the Netherlands ( ) has been travelling for a project called LA Ruta. The project's intent is to report on the MillenniumGoals from the perspective of the civil society and social movements. In this important video, LA Ruta visited Juchitán, Oaxaca, Mexico to report on the conflict between the farmers and wind-energy firms. Click here for more information on the situation in Juchitán. Duration: 4 minutes 12 seconds
30 Dec 2009

Recent study adds to wind turbine debate

A group of researchers found "no evidence" that wind turbines' sounds have any adverse physiological effects on people who live close by, according to a recent study - but that goes against some local residents and strong testimony suggesting otherwise. ...A handful of Morrow County residents living near Willow Creek wind farm filed formal complaints with the county asking for the farm's conditional use permit to be revoked.
29 Dec 2009

Wind of change is ruffling the locals

With pressure on the Government to use renewable energy, wind turbines could soon be installed without the need for planning permission. Patrice John discovers there is already a growing backlash among communities to such schemes. ...David Wallbank is against the proposal to place three wind turbines on the Strensham and Twyning border, between Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. The member of the pressure group Strensham Wind Action believes the latest change to planning law by the Government is designed to railroad public opinion.
28 Dec 2009

Dangers of Wind Siting Reform Act

Few people can argue with the need to develop alternative and renewable forms of energy. However, the Eagle is wrong in favoring passage of the Wind Siting Reform Act. There are simply too many instances of towns regretting decisions to fast-track plans to be in the forefront of the green energy movement, and this act would further hasten giving the OK for such projects without townspeople knowing all the facts.
27 Dec 2009

Earth-Friendly elements, mined destructively

Some of the greenest technologies of the age, from electric cars to efficient light bulbs to very large wind turbines, are made possible by an unusual group of elements called rare earths. The world's dependence on these substances is rising fast. Just one problem: These elements come almost entirely from China, from some of the most environmentally damaging mines in the country, in an industry dominated by criminal gangs.
26 Dec 2009

Voices of Vinalhaven, Maine Part 2 of 2

On December 19, WERU 89.9 FM radio conducted a lengthy interview with residents living near the Fox Island Wind Farm located in Vinalhaven, Maine, an island community about 12 miles off the coastline. The wind facility, consisting of 3 GE 1.5 MW wind turbines, was commissioned on November 17, 2009. This video (part 2 of 2) was compiled using excerpts of the interview. Those speaking are describing their experience of living with turbine noise. The images appearing in this video are not from Vinalhaven, however, they are actual photos of other locations in North America where towers were sited very close to homes. The entire interview can be heard at WERU 89.9 FM . Duration: 8 minutes 32 seconds View Part 1: Duration 9 minutes 37 seconds
26 Dec 2009

No decision on wind turbines in Dartmouth

The Select Board delayed a decision on two, 328-foot wind turbines proposed for construction at the wastewater treatment plant off Chase Road until at least Jan. 4, after meeting Monday night for four hours. ...Select Board Chairman Joseph L. Michaud said he wants to take the additional time for board members to get answers to their questions about safety and other concerns. "I think it is important that everyone be comfortable with the issue. I don't want anyone to abstain when we vote," he said.
23 Dec 2009

Neighbors make waves over turbines; State officials, residents caught off guard by plan

At a public meeting last week, residents of Ludington and Pentwater were unhappy, saying the spinning blades would ruin their vista and shoo away tourists and the money they bring to the area. There also are environmental concerns about how the noise and low-frequency hum the turbines make might affect bird and fish migration patterns. ..."It was shocking," said Mary Stiphany of Pentwater.
23 Dec 2009

Report critical of wind farms; Wind farms can cause significant health problems

Wind farms can cause significant health problems for nearby residents, a draft report by specialist consultants says. The leaked report, once completed, could potentially open the door to litigation by affected residents. The finding is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, although The Weekly Times understands a court case in the UK will also hear allegations of serious health impacts from residents near wind farms.
23 Dec 2009

Town examines moving turbine away from Headwaters residents

The town is considering a compromise with residents of Headwaters who have protested the placement of large-scale wind turbines in their neighborhood. But such concessions would require returning to town meeting for a second vote in order to place two turbines on one parcel of land. An amendment approved by voters in the special town meeting on Nov. 12, offered by Headwaters resident Noreen Donahue, stipulated only one turbine on each of the two parcels identified by the town as locations to construct the 390-foot structures.
23 Dec 2009

Wind farm inquiry recommends setback

Following a six-month investigation, findings from a parliamentary inquiry into rural wind farms were released last week, which included recommending more community consultation on developments and a two-kilometre setback from dwellings. The General Purpose Standing Committee made 21 recommendations including research into compensation options for affected residents, the consideration of local government development control plans, noise modelling.
22 Dec 2009
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