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Location of wind turbines blowing up storm

Certainly no one in South Dakota should be against wind power development, but the city and county also can't ignore concerns and questions raised by individuals who will live close to the modern-day version of the windmill. One or two turbines might not be an issue but what happens in months and years to come if more and more requests are made to allow individual wind turbines in residential areas?
17 Feb 2010

Sleep worries over Rushy Mead wind farm plan

The proposed site lies between junctions 10 and 11 of the M4 Campaigners against plans for a wind farm in east Berkshire have raised fears the noise of the turbines will disrupt their sleeping patterns. Opponents to the five turbines by the M4 in Rushy Mead, have invited sleep expert Dr Christopher Hanning to speak at a public meeting later.
16 Feb 2010

Patrick presses Obama to break a promise

The decision by the federal gvernment in 2007 to recognize the Mashpee Wampanoag as a historic Indian tribe documents tribal efforts to preserve their rights. The decision relies on extensive evidence, including census records from 1694 ...Gov. Deval Patrick is now pressing President Obama to break this promise and to ignore the federal rights of the Aquinnah and Mashpee Indian tribes.
15 Feb 2010

Resisting the winds of change; Ontario community concerned with the proximity of wind farms to residents

Situated south of Belleville between the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, the region is a peninsula. The high and relatively consistent airflow makes it attractive to wind-powered energy developers. However, business and citizen groups in the county argue that wind power developments pose a threat to human health and safety, wildlife, and the economic prosperity in the region.
13 Feb 2010

RM concerned about potential wind farm impact

Plans for a wind farm in southeastern Saskatchewan are up in the air pending further study. Council for the Rural Municipality of Martin voted Friday to revisit the proposed Red Lily Wind Farm Project, near Moosomin, at its meeting on March 17. In the meantime, a committee has been struck to gather more information about the project and the potential impact of wind turbines.
13 Feb 2010

Melancthon petitions ministry on wind farms

Melancthon ...has petitioned the provincial government for a moratorium on industrial wind farm development. The township council's Feb. 4 decision was based on a combination of the Green Energy Act (GEA), the reassessment of an Amaranth property on the basis of transformer noise, and the fact that the council had learned of plans for a 100-megawatt wind farm on 3,500 acres only by way of a news release.
11 Feb 2010

Waubra Wind Farm: critics' property bought

The operators of Waubra Wind Farm have bought the property of one of their most vocal critics. Acciona Energy announced the purchase of Trish and Victor Godfrey's five-acre property yesterday for an undisclosed amount. Managing director Brett Thomas said the decision to buy the Godfreys' property followed lengthy discussions with the couple over the visual impact of turbines on their property.
11 Feb 2010

Turbine noise foes seek new standard

Activists who are challenging the noise standards used to approve large wind power projects in Maine argued their case Wednesday before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and heard sympathetic remarks from justices who questioned whether the current rules are adequate to protect nearby residents. At issue is a new state law aimed at speeding up wind energy development.
11 Feb 2010

New Wind Farms in the U.S. do not bring jobs

Despite all the talk of green jobs, the overwhelming majority of stimulus money spent on wind power has gone to foreign companies, according to a new report by the Investigative Reporting Workshop at the American University's School of Communication in Washington, D.C. Nearly $2 billion in money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been spent on wind power.
9 Feb 2010

Turbine opponents blow in to Evansford

One-time wind farm advocate Donald Thomas now believes turbines are affecting the health of those who live or work in the area. Picture: van der Klooster The noise of turbines could carry all the way to Clunes if the Waubra South wind farm extension goes ahead, Evansford resident Donald Thomas says. Mr Thomas joined about 60 wind farm opponents at a meeting at Evansford Community Centre last week to draw attention to the health issues they say the turbines create.
9 Feb 2010

Oregon's Steens Mountain could soon have wind farms

Ruggedly beautiful Steens Mountain stands in an area of southeast Oregon so isolated that it's barely changed since cattle king Pete French arrived in the late 1800s. Coyotes yelp at sundown. Drivers are so few that they wave to each other as they pass. Campers, hunters and bird-watchers trek from across the state to breathe in the majestic emptiness and to gaze from the Steens summit across a seemingly endless tapestry of high desert and open range. But soon, the scenery will change. Harney County has cleared Columbia Energy Partners of Vancouver to build a wind farm on the mountain's north slope.
7 Feb 2010

Hodgkinson welcomes wind farm inquiry findings

The Nationals Member for Burrinjuck, Katrina Hodgkinson, has welcomed the findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Rural Wind Farms, which were released recently, and said the report addresses many of the concerns held by local communities. "The proliferation of Industrial Wind Power Stations in the region of the Burrinjuck electorate is of concern to many local residents," Ms Hodgkinson said.
6 Feb 2010

Low-frequency noise study needed ASAP

It's time for our representatives, both state and federal, to take a serious look at the possible health effects of wind turbines. It's possible reported problems are psychological, but we will not know conclusively until a reliable test is available. Yes, this will cost a lot of money, but it will be nothing compared to the price we will pay if we erect hundreds of turbines in the Upper Thumb and then find proof of a problem.
6 Feb 2010

Valley wind farm battle goes to High Court again

The decision to approve a wind farm in the Den Brook valley is to be challenged at the High Court - for a second time. Mike Hulme, of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group (DBJRG), claims the noise condition imposed by inspector Andrew Pykett is "defective". Mr Hulme said: "Our assessment of the decision leaves neighbours surrounding the wind farm proposal vulnerable to sleep disturbance from potentially health-damaging noise pollution created by the industrial scale turbines.
5 Feb 2010

Sound study: Slight violations found

John Deere officials on Wednesday reported that while a sound study conducted last fall found the majority of the Michigan Wind I development near Ubly is in compliance, three sites exceeded the noise limit set in the county's wind ordinance by 1 decibel. ...John Deere Wind Energy Vice President David A. Drescher said he was surprised by the findings that showed three sites were 1 decibel above the county's 50 decibel limit.
4 Feb 2010
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