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NAS warns against low frequency noise coming from turbines

Yesterday, the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) had issued a warning that villagers living near wind farms could experience sickness from the low frequency noise produced by the turbine blades. The society highlighted a report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which states that low frequency noise could cause annoyance, body vibrations, loss of sleep and stress.
19 Jan 2010

Transformers at Canadian Hydro Developers wind energy facility

Chd_twotransformers_thumb This photo shows the two transformers now installed at Canadian Hydro Developers' Melancthon I and II industrial wind energy facility (total 133-turbines). The project is located in Melancthon and Amaranth townships two hours northwest of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). The transformers occupy approximately 4.5 acres and are located 360 meters from the front door of a private residence owned by Paul Thompson. Mr. Thompson told that noise from the transformers has required he move out of his house at night and rent other accommodations.
19 Jan 2010

Sickness claims prompt study of wind turbines

Turbines used for wind power generation, pushed as a promising renewable energy source, will come under government scrutiny because of the possible impact on the health of residents. The Environment Ministry will conduct its first field survey of possible health hazards of wind turbines, covering all of more than 1,500 units in operation across the country.
19 Jan 2010

Reconsider setbacks for wind turbines; Expand wind energy while respecting rural livability

To drive through the Minnesota countryside is to drive through contradiction. Those vast rolling fields -- are they busy engines of production for the agriculture industry? Or are they places of natural beauty, serenity and tranquility? It's harder nowadays to have it both ways. The rapid advance of wind farming, for example, has transformed the rural landscape.
19 Jan 2010

Wind farms, a noise nuisance?

They could generate enough electricity to light up about half a million homes by harnessing the power of the wind. But while environmentalists have championed the prospect of up to 200 giant wind turbines rising 145m out of the Channel, there are growing concerns about the presence of a next-generation wind farm off the New Forest coast.
17 Jan 2010

Simulation of turbine flicker at the Gartree wind facility

The shadow flicker impact on buildings within the vicinity of a wind farm can be significant. This video demonstrates how homes and the prison at Gartree in the United Kingdom will be impacted for most of the day by flickering light. While sensors can be used to turn off the turbines when shadows cross over buildings, this would mean that these turbines would not be turning for a significant amount of time per year from the beginning of November to the end of January. Duration: 8 minutes 2 seconds
17 Jan 2010

Province must examine possible health impacts of wind farms

On the surface, a wind farm project should be a welcomed addition to any community. ...But there is a well-organized contingent of residents who live in the area of the proposed wind farm who are gravely concerned the provincially-mandated setback will not be enough to block out the throbbing noise of the turbines and the high pitched noise of the electrical transformers.
16 Jan 2010

Noise annoys: Expert says people are suffering health problems from being too close to structures

Some might accuse John Harrison of tilting at wind turbines, but the retired Queen's University physics professor says he's got the science to prove that wind farms are bad for people's health. Harrison became an expert critic of wind technology -- and an ally of those who oppose it -- after learning that his retirement community of Amherst Island could become the site of a wind farm like the one on nearby Wolfe Island.
16 Jan 2010

Anti-turbine group addresses school board

A group of citizens have taken their concerns regarding a proposed wind turbine project in the former Manvers Township on the road. Manvers Gone With The Wind representative Heather Stauble spoke at Tuesday's Trillium Lakeland District School Board (TLDSB) committee voicing concerns about the proximity of proposed wind turbines to Grandview Public School and Rolling Hills Public School.
15 Jan 2010

North Gower, Richmond residents not swayed by wind project report

North Gower and Richmond residents worried about a proposal for industrial wind turbines near the villages are not reassured by a report on health effects from the noise produced by turbines. The report, released last month and sponsored by both the Canadian Wind Energy Association and the American Wind Energy Association, is titled Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects.
14 Jan 2010

Study funded by wind industry questioned

Still poised to respond to any renewed efforts by CASA Engineering and Construction to build a wind project in the St. Columban area, Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) is cynical about a recently released report from the wind industry stating that wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health. "This study is no big deal and no surprise. We still need an independent health study," says HEAT member Rob Tetu.
13 Jan 2010

Wind power takes a blow around Minnesota

Just as they are being touted as a green, economical and job-producing energy source, wind farms in Minnesota are starting to get serious blowback. Across the state, people are opposing projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Opposition is also rising in other states. It's not likely to blow over quickly in Minnesota, which is the nation's fourth-largest producer of wind power. ...The rising numbers of complaints have taken Minnesota regulators by surprise.
12 Jan 2010

Wind farm hearing on the island

Block Island residents got a first chance Tuesday to offer input to state decision makers about the wind farm proposed for within three miles of the island's shores. The Public Utilities Commission held a hearing at Town Hall as part of its consideration of the Power Purchase Agreement reached between National Grid and Deepwater Wind. The commission will render a decision on the agreement by March 30.
11 Jan 2010

Wind turbines can cause adverse health effects

The Society for Wind Vigilance (SWV) has released its analysis of the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association sponsored report on adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines. The SWV provides scientific and unbiased information on the adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines through a volunteer-based advocacy group of health and other professionals.
11 Jan 2010

An analysis of the American/Canadian Wind Energy Association report regarding effects of turbine sound on human health

Acanwea_part_2_final_1__thumb Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects, An Expert Panel Review (A/CanWEA Panel Review) was prepared for and sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA). In response, an analysis was conducted by The Society for Wind Vigilance of the A/CanWEA Panel Review. Details of the analysis are explained in this report. For convenience the remainder of the analysis and critique is done in a tabulated format of point - counterpoint. The volume of material necessitated this approach and hopefully will enhance the clarity of the critique being put forward. The method utilized was to excerpt each of the claims and place it in the context of authoritative and contrary information. In addition an effort has been made to identify the errors of omission as well as those of commission.
11 Jan 2010
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