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Energy company addresses issues

Newport residents have raised concerns at public town meetings. The primary concerns have been potential impacts to military operations from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, potential impacts to surrounding property values, potential health and safety issues from shadow flicker and glint, potential environmental impacts and potential noise problems.
15 Nov 2013

Japan sets new emissions target in setback to UN treaty talks

Japan set a new target for greenhouse gas emissions that critics say will set back United Nations talks for a treaty limiting fossil fuel emissions. The new target effectively reverses course from the goal set four years ago by allowing a 3.1 per cent increase in emissions from 1990 levels rather than seeking a 25 per cent cut.
15 Nov 2013

Northeast Kingdom wind project seeks backing

“Everyone who gets a tax bill is going to get a vote,” said John Soininen, [Eolian] project manager. But not everyone agreed. “I’ve never heard of anything voted on in this state before where we let out-of-state landowners vote on town issues,” said state Sen. John Rodgers.
13 Nov 2013

Energy firm scales down wind farm

Mr. White said the company has reduced the number of turbines it proposes for their facility from 50 to 40 and have rearranged some of the proposed turbines’ locations to accommodate Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.
10 Nov 2013

Paris voters tough on turbines

With a vote of 87-48, residents decided to reinforce a zoning ordinance approved in May by the Paris Township Board. The ordinance states that turbines must be 2,000 feet from all property owners who did not participate in the wind project.
7 Nov 2013

A tough crowd turns out for wind farm meeting in Alexandria

“I think you’re doing a marvelous job of telling us what’s right for you and your company,” said resident Jan Connor. “You’re just not telling us what’s right for us.” ...Others challenged Iberdrola’s stance that there is support in the area for the project. One resident called for a town vote on the issue. In March, residents voted 3-to-1 against the proposal on a ballot question.
7 Nov 2013

Wind turbine maker Vestas posts loss, raises guidance

Danish wind turbine maker Vestas posted a quarterly loss on Wednesday but raised its 2013 forecast as it continued with a restructuring programme which has cut thousands of jobs. "The free cash flow for 2013 is now expected to be 500 to 700 million euros ($675 to $945 million) compared to the earlier expectation of a free cash flow of minimum 200 million euros," the company said in a statement.
6 Nov 2013

Moratorium issued on wind, solar

Tuesday, the Solano County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a 45-day moratorium on wind and solar projects in the unincorporated areas of the county in order to do more research and planning on potential impacts to operations at Travis Air Force Base and agriculture in the area.
6 Nov 2013
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