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Energy policy in the United States calls for the aggressive deployment of renewable generation within this decade. This policy has led to an explosion of renewable resources that operate largely off-peak, off-season and intermittently, and are located in rural areas with limited transmission. Conversely, there has been only limited development of renewable generation which operates largely on-peak, on-season, reliably or near load centers.
2 Apr 2010

Wind-power lobby warns of tariff 'Trojan horse'

The large energy companies that dominate the wind-power market fear the feed-in tariff that was introduced today for domestic rooftop generation could be a "trojan horse" that might endanger the wider green energy sector. RenewableUK, the former British Wind Energy Association, warned that a debate around whether the feed-in tariff could be expanded as a subsidy regime for larger schemes was "extremely unhelpful".
2 Apr 2010

A rational framework for electricity policy

Frameworkelectrictypolicycarr_thumb Ontario needs to return to rational decision-making when it comes to ensuring that current strategies meet future power generation needs. Current policies, such as the promotion of wind power, reflect public concerns about global warming at the expense of securing a stable and economic energy future. If such publicly popular but economically unsound policies continue, the province’s prosperity will be seriously jeopardized. In this provocative paper, one of the world’s leading experts on electricity generation traces the history of electrical utilities in Ontario and why their continued existence is essential to providing power cheaply and efficiently. In fact, he urges continued promotion of utilities as the best way to ensure that Ontario’s carbon footprint is reduced while maintaining its economic well-being.
1 Apr 2010

Spanish wind sector thrown into disarray by government plans

The Spanish wind industry is potentially in a state of flux following reports the government is planning to end the sector's production incentive in a cost cutting exercise. Following the industry minister's reported intention of ending the sector's wind production incentive to save the electricity system money, the Spanish wind industry is containing its outrage, pending clarification.
1 Apr 2010

Exelon uses clout to block wind-energy law in Illinois

Exelon Corp. is using its clout in Springfield to fight the Illinois wind energy industry - and winning. Opposition by the Chicago-based nuclear power giant has killed legislation to extend an expiring state law that gives preference to Illinois green energy projects as part of the state's push to purchase more electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar.
29 Mar 2010

Wealthy landowners make millions in the wind rush

The growing interest in wind farms stems from the government's subsidy system. A typical three-megawatt turbine will generate about £670,000 income a year, of which £350,000 comes in subsidies. Since the machines cost £2-3m and have a lifetime of about 25 years, the profits are considerable, even after running costs are deducted. ...Critics say it is ironic that the Renewables Obligation certificate (Roc) scheme was created by a Labour government but is handing large profits to investors and country landowners.
28 Mar 2010

Public advocate's actions questioned

Thibodeau said Davies has not been at the committee work sessions on a regular basis and has not provided the panel with the benefit of an independent review of the extensive proposals from the Ocean Energy Task Force and their effect on ratepayers. "You arrived here at 4:35, and at 5:15 you are still reading the bill," he said. "I am amazed that this would not have been a huge priority for the public advocate's office."
27 Mar 2010

It is time to end this lunacy

The announcement of plans for a £200million windfarm at Moy, near Inverness, was accompanied by the claim that it would provide power to 100,000 homes. This great lie is perpetuated every time a new wind development is reported. People need to understand what is actually being claimed, and this can be found in the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) publication Calculations for Wind Energy.
26 Mar 2010

Little money expected for alternative energy

The head of New England's power grid said Thursday that alternative energy is popular but is not being funded, leading to uncertainty in the market. Gordon van Welie, president and chief executive officer of ISO-New England in Holyoke, Mass., said in a media briefing that it's not clear where markets are headed in the use of renewable energy. "There's a lot of rhetoric about renewable, especially wind," he said.
26 Mar 2010

Legislators may keep Maine state waters windfarm-free

Under changes to be finalized today at the committee's 2nd worksession on the bill. the "An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force" will focus Maine instead on constructing floating deepwater windmills on land, and then deploying them at locations ten miles offshore and further.
23 Mar 2010

Senate support for Tasmanian wind farm

The Senate has passed a motion calling on the Federal Government to act quickly to support the Musselroe Bay wind farm project in Tasmania's north east. Liberal Senator Guy Barnett moved the motion for the Government to work with industry and the opposition parties to ensure Renewable Energy legislation is properly designed and introduced without delay.
23 Mar 2010

Green leader slams energy act

The Liberal government's Green Energy Act and its "top-down" approval regulations for wind farms has been a "horrendous failure," says the leader of the Green Party of Ontario. Mike Schreiner, who took over the provincial party's top job in November, said he supports a community-based approach to wind turbine projects.
23 Mar 2010

Wind industry denounces FERC transmission order

The wind industry has described a ruling by FERC concerning transmission fees proposed by Kansas utility Westar for wind power generators in its area as "deeply flawed". The American Wind Energy Association said last week that the ruling would see wind farm operators in Westar's balancing area paying out "millions of dollars" to the utility to connect to the grid.
23 Mar 2010

Local input is key in wind debate

As many area residents are aware, there is a plan for a wind energy conversion project being proposed in Goodhue County. ...Some residents have asked for my position on the wind energy proposal. I personally have no problem with expanding alternative energy sources. However, I would suggest the move toward these sources should be directed by technological advances as opposed to our current mandates.
22 Mar 2010

Goodhue County can make wind decisions

For those of you affected by the wind turbine debate taking place in Goodhue County, I thought I'd provide an update on the issue. What you need to know is this: Goodhue County can -legally according to the Public Utilities Commission - zone wind turbine projects and provide setbacks without taking over the costly permitting and inspection process.
22 Mar 2010

Offshore wind; threat to Great Plains?

Iowa, Texas and the rest of the midsection of the U.S. have jumped into a quick lead in wind energy but Atlantic coast states have plans to enter the game in a big way with offshore wind farms. ...But a battle looms over transmission.
22 Mar 2010

Ontario slaps new 'green' tax on electricity bills; Levy will cover Liberal conservation programs

Ontario electricity customers will soon be slapped with an additional tax to cover $53 million of the Liberal government's new conservation and green energy programs, the Star has learned. The levy will appear on hydro bills just as the 13 per cent harmonized sales tax is about to be charged and as smart meters are being phased in, which one industry insider described as "a perfect storm" for consumers already rattled by rising energy costs.
21 Mar 2010
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