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Offshore wind; threat to Great Plains?

Iowa, Texas and the rest of the midsection of the U.S. have jumped into a quick lead in wind energy but Atlantic coast states have plans to enter the game in a big way with offshore wind farms. ...But a battle looms over transmission.
22 Mar 2010

Local input is key in wind debate

As many area residents are aware, there is a plan for a wind energy conversion project being proposed in Goodhue County. ...Some residents have asked for my position on the wind energy proposal. I personally have no problem with expanding alternative energy sources. However, I would suggest the move toward these sources should be directed by technological advances as opposed to our current mandates.
22 Mar 2010

Too much wind and not enough puff

Wind farms appear to offer a perfect solution to the twin problems of global warming and the depletion of hydrocarbon reserves. The wind will still be blowing long after the last petrol-engined car has been crunched into a lump of metal. ...However, a detailed study of some of Britain's onshore wind farms suggests they do not come remotely near providing an efficient and reliable source of supply. Worse, they are a blight on some of our most beautiful landscapes.
21 Mar 2010

Ontario slaps new 'green' tax on electricity bills; Levy will cover Liberal conservation programs

Ontario electricity customers will soon be slapped with an additional tax to cover $53 million of the Liberal government's new conservation and green energy programs, the Star has learned. The levy will appear on hydro bills just as the 13 per cent harmonized sales tax is about to be charged and as smart meters are being phased in, which one industry insider described as "a perfect storm" for consumers already rattled by rising energy costs.
21 Mar 2010

A sound policy for industrial wind power in Vermont?

Whether you call them wind farms or industrial wind generating plants, these industrial developments have caused divisiveness and controversy in almost every community in Vermont where they have been proposed. Because electricity generation has special legal status for land use regulations, industrial wind projects are being sited in areas where other industrial developments ...might never be allowed.
21 Mar 2010

County wants strong energy stand; Advisory groups will work toward new energy rules

"We're trying to create clarity so that firms that want to do these kinds of projects know what's available," said Todd Cornett, Wasco County planning director. "Also, we want to be consistent with our guidelines and take away any concerns that counties aren't doing a strong enough job at oversight." As of this week, 18 people are appointed to serve on the Wasco County commercial energy advisory group and 13 on the Wasco County noncommercial energy advisory group.
19 Mar 2010

Bill would cut targets for use of renewable energy

Halfway into a 20-year program to increase the use of renewable energy in Connecticut, leaders of the legislature's energy committee want to drastically alter the program's goals, saying it is not promoting investment in the state. "The bottom line is, (renewable energy) projects aren't being built," said Rep. Vickie O. Nardello, D-Bethany, co-chairman of the Energy and Technology Committee. "It hasn't worked up to this point and it's been there for a number of years."
18 Mar 2010

New Jersey to fill budget gap with RGGI cash

Newly-elected Republican Governor Chris Christie announced proceeds from the northeastern US cap-and-trade programme's quarterly allowance auctions would be used to plug the budget deficit, details of which were released yesterday. New Jersey has raised $64.5 million in proceeds from the sale of emission allowances in the scheme's seven auctions, which were held on a quarterly basis since late 2008.
18 Mar 2010

CPUC decision allows tradable RECs

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) this week issued a decision that would allow the use of tradeable renewable energy credits (TRECs) in the state. The legislature had previously authorized the CPUC to allow the use of TRECS in 2006. In October, 2008, the CPUC issued its first proposed decision authorizing the use of TRECs. Since then the CPUC considered various proposed decisions that would have permitted the use of TRECs until adopting the final decision on March 11.
18 Mar 2010

29 governors ask Obama and Congress for stronger wind power measures

A bipartisan coalition of 29 governors is pushing to solidify a national standard for renewable power to boost green job creation, environmentally friendly economic development and energy independence. In a report delivered Tuesday to President Obama and Congress, the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition asked lawmakers to require utilities to obtain at least 10% of their electricity from alternative energy such as wind, solar and biofuels by 2012.
16 Mar 2010

McGuinty's Green Energy Act unfair to wind turbine opponents, say critics

The province's Green Energy Act has hamstrung residents ability to fight wind turbine proposals for lakes Erie and St. Clair by putting the financial onus on opponents to prove any harm to human health or the environment. Municipalities need to do hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of studies to fight 715 wind turbines proposed for the two lake, Gord Meuser, a member of Citizens Against Lake Erie Wind Turbines, told Leamington council Monday.
16 Mar 2010

Burleigh County Commission needs comments on wind policy revisions

The Burleigh County Commission on Monday set a public hearing about a draft wind tower policy for townships using county zoning for 5:30 p.m. on April 5 at the City/County Building in Bismarck. The need for the wind energy policy became more immediate after Nextera Energy proposed to build a 66-tower wind farm across Ecklund and Crofte townships that is projected to generate 99 mega-watts of energy.
16 Mar 2010

Wisconsin PSC names panel to study wind farms

A group that includes wind farm supporters and opponents was named today to recommend new statewide standards on wind energy developments. The state Public Service Commission named 15 people to serve on the Wind Siting Council, which will study, among other things, how far wind turbines should be located from nearby homes.
16 Mar 2010

Governors seek federal wind energy boost

A coalition representing governors of 29 states -- including Maine's Gov. John Baldacci -- is urging the federal government to take steps to boost wind energy, such as a renewable energy standard requiring utilities to produce at least 10 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2012. The bipartisan Governors' Wind Energy Coalition plans to make the recommendations Tuesday in a report to Congress and the White House. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the report ahead of its official release.
15 Mar 2010

S.D. making renewable energy incentives easier

South Dakota is trying to streamline its complex maze of tax incentives for small renewable energy projects. A bill that passed the Legislature last week rewrites state law to make the first $50,000 of the assessed value of a small to medium renewable energy property, or 70 percent of the assessed value if that figure is greater, exempt from real property tax.
15 Mar 2010

DWP rates may rise between 8% and 28% to pay for mayor's green initiatives

Households that get their power from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power could see their electric bills go up between 8.8% and 28.4%, depending on where they live and how much energy they use, under a plan unveiled Monday by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Appearing with labor and environmental leaders, Villaraigosa said the proposed increases would ensure that the DWP meets his goal of securing 20% of its energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by Dec. 31.
15 Mar 2010

Energy bill sparks debate; Opponents say proposal would cost jobs, raise energy costs

As Wisconsin lawmakers and manufacturers discuss the merits of proposed clean-energy legislation, central Wisconsin economic development agencies seem divided on the issue. Industry leaders at the Wisconsin Paper Council and many of its members, including NewPage and Domtar, oppose Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed Clean Energy Jobs Act because they say it will lead to higher energy costs and the loss of traditional manufacturing jobs.
14 Mar 2010

Bangor Hydro's parent company bids on Aroostook utility

Maine - The parent company of Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. intends to buy the company that owns Presque Isle-based Maine Public Service Co., a move officials say will improve chances of building a power transmission line linking northern and southern Maine and bolster economic development in Aroostook County. In a deal valued at approximately $108 million, BHE Holdings Inc. ...plans to buy Maine & Maritimes Corp., or MAM, which owns Maine Public Service Co.
13 Mar 2010
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