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Wind backers and foes traveled long, hard path

There was elation and dejection on the Cape yesterday over Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar's approval of the Cape Wind project. But there was also some consensus - a rare thing for this controversial proposal - that the road to federal approval was long and hard. That was especially true among people who have been part of the debate from the beginning.
29 Apr 2010

Wyoming governor opens wind discussion

Gov. Dave Freudenthal on Tuesday evening kicked off the first of three community discussions about Wyoming's budding and controversial wind energy industry. The recent construction of hundreds of wind turbines have divided several communities between those who may benefit financially and those will only see their views disrupted.
28 Apr 2010

Should we be able to say no to wind farms?

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC caucus will introduce a motion in the Ontario Legislature today calling on the McGuinty government restore planning authority to Ontario municipalities so that no industrial wind farm can be imposed on a community that does not want one.
28 Apr 2010

Power station plans put on hold by ETS freeze

Up to $2 billion of investment in new power stations will be put on hold as a result of Kevin Rudd's decision to delay his emissions trading scheme, as major power generators are unable to close financing of projects because of uncertainty about climate policies. The investment strike looms as the Prime Minister faces an increasing backlash from industry over a key plank of his renewable energy policy which big electricity users claim will push up power prices and threaten jobs.
28 Apr 2010

Ill. wind farm developers not likely to get lift from state

An effort in Springfield to ensure Illinois wind power developers get a cut of the 20-year contracts the state is preparing to offer for electricity generated by wind farms is dead. Talks between Exelon Corp., parent of Commonwealth Edison Co., and wind power developers ended last week without an agreement to lift Exelon's opposition to setting aside a portion of the 20-year deals for in-state wind farms.
28 Apr 2010

The wrong way to get to green

Once you've carpeted the wilderness with wind-farm turbines, and crushed any guilt about the birds you're about to kill, prepare to be underwhelmed and underpowered. ...If using a huge amount of real estate to generate a tiny amount of energy from an intermittent energy source sounds deranged, consider, too, that we haven't yet found the holy grail for storing wind-generated energy.
27 Apr 2010

Canadian co. sues Mass. over ‘green' energy law

Massachusetts renewable-energy firms, including the developer of the planned wind farm off of Cape Cod, could lose a key competitive edge if a lawsuit filed by a Canadian company prevails. TransCanada Power, an energy supplier that also owns a Maine wind farm, is challenging a state law that requires utilities to buy their future renewable energy from Massachusetts-based firms.
27 Apr 2010

Energy policy slammed

A Hantsport firm that wants to build a large wind farm is hopping mad that Nova Scotia Power has been given the responsibility for half of the new renewable energy projects that the Dexter government announced last week. Minas Basin Pulp and Power says the government's new electricity strategy closes the door to any new large wind-power developers.
27 Apr 2010

Reaping power from ocean breezes

"Cape Wind's oversized costs do not represent a reasonable return on the public's investment," wrote Joseph P. Kennedy II, the former congressman and president of the Citizens Energy Corporation, a Boston nonprofit group, in a letter to The Cape Cod Times in February. Mr. Kennedy's family owns property that looks out on the proposed wind farm site.
26 Apr 2010

Why new natural gas power plants are a good fit for the GTA

We need to remember that we cannot simply eliminate coal and expect to replace its availability and reliability with renewable sources. We need a mix of electricity sources - with natural gas-fired power plants to operate during peak times or when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine. In choosing a reliable energy source, the one that makes the most sense right now is unequivocally natural gas.
25 Apr 2010

Death, taxes and Wyoming wind

Now, visualize row upon row of wind turbines on some of our most precious vistas and landscapes -- the Chugwater Bluffs, the Laramie Range, Elk Mountain, and the Upper North Platte River Valley. This is not the Wyoming we want. If we are not careful, this is the Wyoming we may get. The governor and Legislature have demonstrated good leadership on this issue. This needs to continue.
25 Apr 2010

A sound policy for wind power in Vt.?

Whether they're called wind farms or industrial wind generating plants, these industrial developments have caused divisiveness and controversy in every community in Vermont where they have been proposed. Because electricity generation has special legal status for land use regulations, industrial wind projects are being sited in areas where other industrial developments would never be allowed.
25 Apr 2010

Orleans wind panel report set for release

The Orleans wind economics committee will have a report in the next month on the effects of a commercial wind power development on different aspects of the town. The Town Council created the committee in February to help it understand the economics of wind power projects.
24 Apr 2010

Power Hungry

A REVIEW of Power Hungry: The Myths of "Green" Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future by Robert Bryce Any new Robert Bryce book, in my opinion, had one tough hurdle to clear: I'd found Bryce's first book, Gusher of Lies, impossible to put down. In that book Bryce explored America's energy needs and refuted the nonsense that we will become energy independent in our lifetime.
24 Apr 2010

Granholm urges regulations for wind farm industry

Gov. Jennifer Granholm's support of offshore wind development in Michigan is clear. The governor has embraced locating huge utility-scale wind turbines offshore on some of the 38,000 square miles of Michigan's Great Lakes bottomlands. ...She acknowledged being term-limited and leaving the governor's office at the end of December. She said she wants offshore wind policies and regulations in place before the end of her term.
22 Apr 2010

Is B.C.'s energy answer blowin' in the wind?

The availability of cheap hydropower has limited the demand for renewable-energy sources such as wind turbines, which are more expensive. But, in its 2007 B.C. Energy Plan, the Liberal government pledged the province would become energy self-sufficient by 2016, with 90 percent of power coming from clean or renewable sources. With B.C. Hydro paying higher rates to private companies for sustainable energy, there has been an economic incentive to develop new projects.
22 Apr 2010

Delaware wind farm nearer reality

The government's action turns Delaware into the test case for new federal rules and regulations, said Tyler Tringas, wind energy analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The contract with Delmarva Power "puts them leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the projects," Tringas said. "It makes sense for the MMS to say we're going to test this out with Bluewater," Tringas said. The ocean lease application is expected to be published in the Federal Register on Friday.
22 Apr 2010

Spain among worst EU countries for wind farm wait times -- report

Portugal and Spain are among the worse countries in Europe when it comes to quickly granting consents for onshore wind farms, while Italy, Belgium and the UK are among the best, a new report finds. It takes an average of 42 months to get a building consent for an onshore wind farm in the EU, according to a new report published by the European Wind Energy Association.
22 Apr 2010

Spain renewables industry fears subsidy cuts

Spain's renewable energy industry joined forces on Thursday to ask the government to clarify whether it plans to retroactively cut subsidies, as market-moving media reports have suggested. Shares in renewable energy generators Iberdrola Renovables and Acciona moved sharply lower on Wednesday after website elconfidencial, citing sources close to the government, said the government could reduce existing subsidies which finance most of the renewables plants in Spain.
22 Apr 2010
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