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Public disinformation

The process is under the control of the developers and, to a lesser extent, state bureaucrats. Developers, with big bucks, pull no stops to get what they want. Some state bureaucrats see only "more taxes," while others want to feed the unsatiable power desires of growing population bases, such as in Chittenden County. And few state officials care at all about "us poor, ignorant folks" in rural areas of Vermont.
30 Nov 2005


Now, a sign in the center of Sheffield reads, "Real Vermonters Can't Be Bought." Perhaps the developers from Massachusetts had failed to realize this difference between the two states.
30 Nov 2005

Pathetic solutions

The motivating force for wind development is simple! MONEY! The huge amounts of federal government incentives such as subsidies, accelerated depreciation and green energy credits add up to millions of dollars for the wind developer.
30 Nov 2005

Town to have its say on wind development

Whether the vote, which is nonbinding, has any influence on the proposed project is another question....The town selectboard has said it will respect the decision. The wind developer has made no such commitment. And the Public Service Board, which would ultimately approve or reject the project, is not bound by a town vote, although it could take it into consideration.
30 Nov 2005

Co-op power promotes green energy sources

In addition, for more than a year it has devoted tremendous volunteer efforts toward building a biodiesel production facility that will convert used vegetable oil into heating fuel usable in regular oil burning furnaces. It has signed contracts for the purchase of land in Greenfield and for the purchase of recycled vegetable cooking oil.
29 Nov 2005

Wind power works ... for its investors

Utilities, however, are clear about the futility of wind power. Eon Netz, one of Germany's grid managers, with over 7,000 MW of wind capacity connected, has described in their annual wind reports that they need additional conventional capacity to cover 100 percent of the possible infeed from wind, because even as it peaks it often drops off very quickly.
28 Nov 2005

BP to spend up to $8 bln on green energy

"Our recent experience, particularly with solar, has given us the expertise and confidence to develop new products and markets alongside our mainstream business," BP Chief Executive John Browne said in a statement. "We are now at a point where we have sufficient new technologies and sound commercial opportunities within our reach to build a significant and sustainable business in alternative and renewable energy," he added.
28 Nov 2005

'They are coming'

I walked on my normal walk in the woods one day and looked up to the top of the mountain. Just several months before it had been a picturesque view of wilderness beauty ... the kind that attracts tourists and creates much of the state's income. Now, it was lined with these tall mechanical monsters, towering over the trees of an old forest. I am not talking about the quaint and charming windmills of Holland here, we are talking about metal and flashing lights and a size that miniaturizes the grand forest beneath it.
28 Nov 2005

UPC Wind's claims disputed

There are no definitive, objective studies of effects of wind energy projects on property values; however, real estate agents recognize and agree that properties with significant natural views have premium value and intrusions on these views erode value. Read all the references to "beautiful view" in real estate ads. People care greatly about view and buy accordingly.
26 Nov 2005
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